Friday, December 9, 2016

Out With The Old, In With The New: Master Bedroom Updates

The year is coming to a close, and while most say this time is usually the busiest, Eric and I have miraculously found ourselves with a couple of weekends where NOTHING is going on. 

I's nuts. 

Well I shouldn't say nothing. Eric usually has basketball practice to go to, or maybe a game, but the bottom line is we don't have to leave town! We get to stay in Cincy! ALL WEEKEND! 

On average, my productivity Monday - Friday is equal to none. Maybe a load of laundry gets done and folded...maybe. So I cherish these weekends at home, and treat them like mini staycations. Except instead of relaxing and drinking all day, we make giant to-do lists, and conquer the world! 

OK yes, there is some drinking.

Recently, our main focus has been in the bedroom. After a rather vicious slamming of the door, our fan decided it no longer wanted to be attached to the ceiling. Considering I've never been a fan of the fan (ha!) I was all too eager for it's removal.  
As it's replacement, we decided to go with the Merwry 52 in. LED White Fan from Home Depot. I love it's modern lines, frosted glass shade, and it even comes with a remote control so you don't have to get up to switch off the light! 
Soooooo much better. 

A second change in the bedroom is, in my opinion, pretty spectacular. For the first time since we've been married, we FINALLY HAVE A HEADBOARD ATTACHED TO OUR BED!!! The nights of leaning against walls, or crushing the blinds behind pillows while trying to read is over! 
I have HATED not having a headboard. Ask Eric, he's heard me complain a million times. Something about my pillows touching our windows and blinds completely drove me nuts.


This little beauty jumped out at me during my routine Craigslist troll, and a few days later it was ours. The wood was OK, but our bed frame is black, so I figured they should match. A bit of sanding, primer, and leftover paint from our Mini-Awkward-Bathroom, and voila! New headboard.
Since our bed is a California king, and the headboard sized for a standard king, the install was a bit tricky. But Eric's ingenuity prevailed once more, and he was able to attach it securely to our custom bed frame
Is it silly to get this pumped up about a headboard? Absolutely. Do I care? Hell no.

You may also notice an update to the blinds I previously mentioned crushing with pillows. These were the only windows in the house without white blinds, and since Eric was in a we're-getting-this-ALL-done-so-help-me mentality, we swapped them.
Our room is much brighter now, and the white doesn't show NEARLY as much dust as the brown, so that's always a win.

Overall, this space has really come a long way. It's not "done" of course, I'd still like to update our dressers, paint the closets, plus now I'm questioning the curtains. Is there too much white there? Should I replace them for something fun with a bit of pattern? Questions for another day. 

For now I'll settle with this satisfying side-by-side. 
Or how about this one from our original house tour back in 2013! 

We also made some sweet progress decluttering the office. That room was/is a complete disaster, and typically gives me anxiety whenever I look around. At least now it's more of an organized disaster. Oh well..TILL NEXT TIME! 

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