Thursday, October 20, 2016

Seasons Change And So Did I

Autumn is upon us, and it is FINALLY cooling down. 
Prior to today, I've been able to run outside in a tank-top and still work up a decent sweat. I don't think Mother Nature's gotten the message; IT'S OCTOBER...START ACTING LIKE OCTOBER! I'm talking windows open, crisp breeze, candles lit, wrapped in a blanket burrito-style type weather. 
Pumpkin spice and everything nice, that's what I'm diggin' right now. 

Another thing I can't get out of my head is this book! 
You GUYS! I've literally told everyone about it, so thrilling, so addictive, and so fierce. I randomly picked it up at the airport before my trip to Arizona last week, and I kid you not, by the time I landed back in Ohio I was done. 10 hours max cover to cover. 
If you've read "The Girl on the Train" or "Gone Girl", this is right in that similar genre. It also may have inspired some of the ladies at work to form a book club. #CoverGirls
"Luckiest Girl Alive" by Jessica Knoll.....GET IT! 

The reason I had to find something to read at the airport, was because the book I ordered from Amazon got delayed (womp womp). What DID arrive from Amazon though was my new coffee table!!! 
Since I was in a bit of a time crunch before leaving for Arizona, our only bonding moment was when I brought it inside off the porch. But lucky for me, I have an incredible husband who had it assembled and eagerly waiting when I arrived back home. For less than $100, I'm in love with this piece. I think it has great lines, is very sturdy, and the faux marble top is as beautiful in real life as I'd hoped it would be. 
It's narrower than our last table, which makes moving around the living room much easier. Plus the white top doesn't show NEARLY as much dust as glass. Less dusting = total win.

Other new ditties around the nest include swapping out all my yellow flower decor, for these wickedly glam dead roses and black branches. 
The Fall vibe is STRONG y'all! 

Lastly, on my most recent trip to Marshalls, I skipped out of the store with this charming vintage-inspired throw rug. With every intention for it to live on our front porch, I could just picture how seamlessly the reds and blues would tie into our hanging lanterns and throw pillows. But like most plans I make, that idea changed quite rapidly. After one day outside, the wind kept blowing the corners over so the whole rug bunched up, and after straightening it back out multiple times...I surrendered. Apparently it's not quite heavy enough to sustain the elements.
So back in house it came, where I do believe it'll be just as happy in the guest bedroom. 
It really brings in some nice texture, and helps break up all the wood flooring. Plus those little tassels are just too dang cute!

I love it when the seasons change. It's always the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe, switch things up around the house, and find a new book to get lost in.