Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's a Wrap! Rattan Chair Makeover

Can you believe that Summer is practically over? These past few days of upper 90's and high humidity prove it's not leaving without a fight.
Anyhooo, back in the BEGINNING of Summer, this adorable little rattan chair caught my eye on Craigslist. I fell in love with the curved lines of the frame as well as the details on the back, and knew right away it need a home in our backyard. 
$15 later and we had a new chair! 
So I had this idea. 
I really wanted to make this chair pop, give it a little extra attitude. I ALSO wanted to do something with all of the beautiful neon string and cord that you always see at hardware stores.
Aren't those colors just stunning?! Who knew construction string and paracord were so adorable. Once I had an idea what color I wanted to go where, I began wrapping my cord around the back of the chair. I switched between knots and hot glue to help secure everything. 
This part got a bit tedious. After a while, wrapping string around and around and around became pretty boring. Good thing I had The West Wing on Netflix to keep me company. Don't judge, it's a greats show! 
But all that wrapping and hot glue payed off, because now I have a chair that is just bursting with character! Doesn't it make you want to take a seat, relax, and truly enjoy these last days of the Summertime? :) 
Another example of how simple materials and a bit of color can transform something from drab to fab!

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