Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Guest Bedroom Upgrade

So you may recall a while back, me hopefully rambling (with stars and hearts in my eyes) about everything we would accomplish during the Summer of 2015. And in true this-is-real-life-why-do-I-even-make-a-plan fashion, Summer 2016 is weeks away and I think we accomplished 1 thing on that list? Maybe? 

I don't know. 

Either way, this post isn't about our horrible track record with lists, it's about the guest bedroom! In the aforementioned Summer 2015 post, I talked about my plan to paint that room dark navy, and pull in lots of jewel tones. I also wanted to take the new color only up to the point where the sloping ceiling and wall met, to try and disguise the awkwardness of that area. 
So after finally being blessed with a weekend at home, I grabbed some paint, cleared the room out, and got busy! 
Since I wanted the sloped wall to blend in, I took the same white paint we've used on all the ceilings to give this room a fresh coat, and brought the color down onto the walls.
After two coats, I was ready to mark off where the colors would meet. 
This was the part I was most nervous about. I envisioned having to measure, re-measure, checking with a level, taping, re-taping, all in the name of creating the perfect line. 

Overall, it was pretty painless. It took me a bit in the beginning to find the exact line-height I wanted. But once I marked around the whole room, the tape helped a lot with keeping a straight line. There was just one wall where Eric assisted, because it went slightly crooked, and he said it was instantly where his eye went to when he walked in. 

After taping around the windows, doors, and trim...that's when I called it a night. 

Another week went by, and I had all intentions of getting the blue knocked out this weekend. But to my SURPRISE, Eric had the first coat on when I got home from work Monday!
Seriously, he is the best. 
Or he was just bored, and the rain kept him from going outside. 
Either way he earned a LOT of brownie points. 

Two coats later, and our once beige bedroom is now Nautica Navy
YAAAAAS!!! It turned out SO GOOD!
There's a few places that need touched up, but overall the tape worked wonders and made a nice crisp line.

Phase 1: Get Color on the Walls = COMPLETE! 
Next comes the fun part; DECORATING! I have big plans to bring in a headboard of some sort, hand curtains, replace the side tables, and fill the blank walls with shelves, art, or both! There's also that mustard yellow thrift chair I've been hoarding with dreams of reupholstery. Although, I must confess, it doesn't look too too shabby paired with the navy. 

Looking back to how the room started, I think cutting the walls in half with the paint turned out to be a very successful decision. It keeps your focus down, and IN the room, as opposed to wandering up the sloped wall and to the ceiling.  
So satisfied with how this is coming together, I can't wait to keep working on it, as well as everything else we have planned this summer. And now when you plan to stay with us, you can rest easy knowing a beautiful room awaits!