Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting Crafty: Chalkboard Window

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Eric and I watched every single Harry Potter movie...that's right...all 8 of them. So needless to say we had a very mellow past few days. He had never seen them all, and being the HP fanatic that I am, I was more than happy to oblige to his request to have a marathon.  

I didn't just lay around all weekend though, I finished one of my projects! I bought this window at a flea market for $5 last summer with intentions of using it as a headboard. Once we got it in the apartment though, and held it up over the bed, it just didn't jive. So we needed a plan B. I always wanted to try chalkboard paint and took this as the perfect opportunity. 

After cleaning and prepping the window with painters tape, I was ready to go. Chalkboard paint can be found almost anywhere you can buy paint. I picked this up at our local Menards. It comes in black, green, and also can be tinted to a handful of colors. 

Woop woop!! After a few coats, and letting it fully dry between each , I had a new painted window!

Once I removed the tape and made sure everything was completely dry, I needed to prepare the chalkboard surface. This party is pretty fun. You just cover the entire surface with chalk and then wipe away. After that you're new chalkboard is ready!

My idea right now is to hang it in our kitchen to plan our week of meals with. It may end up somewhere else depending, on how hard it is to hang, but either way I am super excited for it to be completed!

Hope your weekend was just as productive and relaxing! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spring 2013 Pantone Fashion

I am sooo ready for this cold weather to be over. I know its not even February yet...but for some reason this year I am ready for spring and summer more than ever. Maybe it's because Eric and I will both be in the same city this year and I'm just itching to get out and see what Cincy has to offer when the weather is warm! Plus I have a brand new SUPER CUTE Cincinnati Reds shirt to break in this year! 
So I can't even express how excited I was when I found this years Spring Pantone colors! is a fabulous site for color inspiration. This year the fashion line consist of soothing neutrals and expressive brights, as the pallet ranges from Lemon Zest to Tender Shoots. Take a look bellow for all of the beautiful colors you should see popping up this spring along side those spring flowers! 

 Aren't they stunning! I'm especially excited to try out some Poppy Red and Grayed Jade. 

Here are some pieces I found to get you in the mood for spring! 

1. Bracelets JCP / 2. Dress Forever 21 / 3. Blazer Forever 21 / 4. Dress Old Navy / 
5. Shirt Old Navy / 6. Necklace Francescas / 7. Sunglasses Francescas / 8. Jeans Old Navy 
9. Bikini Kohls

And of course we can't leave out the guys! 


Maybe I'll be able to get Eric to wear some Sunflower or Monaco Blue this year....high doubtful...but you never know! 

Wednesday, March 20th is the first day of spring! Keep warm and we'll get there soon. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

26 Acts of Kindness: Acts #5, #6, #7, and #8

26 RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: ACTS #5, #6, #7, and #8

In Honor Of: 
Josephine Gay age 7
Ana M. Marquez-Greene age 6
Dylan Hockley age 6
Dawn Hocksprung age 47


While browsing through some of my favorite blogs, I stumbled across this video at Oh Joy. Right now Joy Deangdeerlert Cho, editor of Oh Joy, is doing a project entitled "Make Someone Happy". She has come up with all these simple ideas that can help you bring a bit of happiness into someones day. 

Today she featured "A Little Letter" to help you express how you really feel about someone. You print out the letter, fill in the blanks, and send it to that special person. 

Here are my letters to four people who have made an impact on my life. I hope it brings a smile to their face and lets them know someone is appreciative of them. 

If you would like to write your own letters, you can find the link for these letters here

Keep thinking kind and happy thoughts! 

26 Acts of Kindness: Acts 1,2, and 3
26 Acts of Kindness: Act 4 

Friday, January 18, 2013

26 Acts of Kindness: Act #4

In honor of:
Olivia Engel age 6 

Sharing some Easter candy goodness with the workers of Kroger


I don't know about you, but for some reason these little eggs always taste SO MUCH BETTER than the regular Reese cups. I was STOKED when I saw these guys at Kroger, especially when it was buy 2 get one FREE! Who could pass up a deal like that :)  

I also thought how this would be a perfect Random Act of Kindness moment! There were two girls at the checkout line I was in; one working the register, and one bagging the groceries. Now there is no reason that I would need 3 pieces of candy, so once my items were all bagged I grabbed the other two Reese's and handed them to these hard working ladies! 
I hope that this little act of kindness made their day, and the rest of their night a little more enjoyable.  

So 4 down and 22 to go! I never said I would get this done quickly :) 

To see Random Act of Kindess #1, #2, and #3 click HERE

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting Crafty - DIY Magnets

So last night I got my Martha Stewart on and made some magnets for our fridge. Since the holidays we've accumulated a TON of cards and pictures that I want to keep, and we were running out of things to hold them up! I made some magnets like this last year and it is SUUPPPER easy! 

All you need is:
Scrap fabric
 Craft magnets with an adhesive backing (I got mine from Walmart)
 Button Kits in various sizes (also from Walmart)
Needle nose pliers to rip the button loop off so you can use them as magnets (not pictured) 

You simply cut out a bit of fabric and lay your button on top as shown in the picture. Place that into the white tool they give you in the kit, and press the back of the button on using the blue tool. 
It's pretty self explanatory. 

Once  your buttons are covered and looking fabulous, use those mighty muscles of yours and rip off that loop so you have a flat surface to stick your magnet onto. This may involve some wiggling and squeezing, but don't give up! 

Huzzah! Aren't they cute :) 

The fabric remnants bins/sections at Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics are perfect for finding scraps of fabric at super cheap prices. 

 There they are doing their job and looking great! 

So I can scratch that off my To-Do List and get on with the next project! I am planning on turning this old window I got over the summer into a chalk board, we'll see how it goes. 

Till next time! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Resolutions


I for one had a fantastic time bringing in the new year, and I hope you all did too! 
Having those extra days off work to spend with Eric, family, and friends was absolutely wonderful. 

Last year was a blessing. I got married, Eric and I moved in together and started our lives, I spent the whole year at a job that I truly enjoy, and just had a fantastic holiday with everyone that I love. 

Today though, I thought about what I want from 2013...and came up with a few resolutions. 

(these pictures are from Instagram, you can follow me at blynnwellman)