Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Head, Heart, and Hands

Well hey there stranger! 
It's been like...over a month since my last post, and I feel kind of awful about that. If you're a long time reader, you know this isn't COMPLETELY out of the norm. Instead of having a set schedule, I tend to just write about whatever the heck is going on in life at the moment. So if things are really busy, that may lead to a lot of content! OR it may lead to no content at all, because things are really busy. One of those double edge swords...

But now that we're back in business, let's talk! 

This post is called Head, Heart, and Hands because it's all about what's rolling around in my head, what's currently stolen my heart, and what shenanigans I've been working on with my hands. Catchy right? :) 

As you know (or you'll now learn) I'm fortunate enough to contribute to the fan-freak'n-tastic female-empowering blog Strong Is Our Sexy. Earlier this month, I wrote an article entitled Making Friends as a Grown-Up: How to Find Your Squad. During the writing process, I couldn't help but get a little nostalgic. My track record with friendship isn't entirely the greatest, and as a youngster involved a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of drama. It wasn't until high school when I finally found a rock-solid group of crazies I now consider family. 

How do we connect with certain people SO HARD, and wonder what the hell we would ever do without them? 

Those individuals who impact your world SO MUCH, though you may not get to see some of them that often, but without question are your friends. This thought has been on my mind lately because I've come to realize how precious those connections truly are. Maybe I'm growing up, who knows, but one of my resolutions for 2016 is to get out and spend time with those friends IRL. This may all feel uber sappy, and that's because it is. So to all my buddies out there: I APPRECIATE AND ABSOLUTELY CHERISH WHAT WE HAVE! I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME!

Alright, enough emotions. Moving on!

1. My spiralizer!!!! Ohmigodyouguys OBSESSED! 
Voodles, veggetti, veggie noodles, whatever you want to call them, that's what I'm making.
I got the KitchenAid spiralizer attachment for Christmas, and since then I think we've used it at least once a week. It's strangely hypnotic watching your zucchini be spun around into curly little ringlets. Honestly it's like dinner and a show. Not only does it slice, it can peel AND core, so apples aren't out of the question either. If you're like me, and have that oh-so-coveted KA Stand Mixer just sitting on your counter, treat yourself to the spiralizer and get cooking!

2. Shaving my face. 

Yes you read that right. Who DOESN'T get frustrated by the peach fuzz that can make your face look dirty even after you wash, or those wiry little black hairs that seem to pop up overnight!? And don't get me started on the upper lip. I used to think it was just another annoying thing to live with, until a friend of mine introduced me to Twinkle Eyebrow Razors.
Ladies, you need these in your life. 
After you've washed and dried your face, gently use the razors to shave your face. Forehead, cheeks, chin, neck, lip, everything. Be sure to move in the direction of your hair, and although it feels kind of strange at first, OMG is it worth it. Your makeup with go on smoother, your skin tone will look more even, and you'll notice a sort of  fresh-faced "glow". Total game changer. 


Yes I know I'm late to the game. 
Yes I've watched EVERY episode on Netflix. 
No I haven't seen any of the current season, so don't you DARE tell me what happens! 


Since we got our California King mattress back in January of 2015, we've been sleeping on the floor. Well not entirely on the floor, we used a box spring, but pretty much on the floor. For a while we trolled Craigslist for a bed frame, but the unique size of a California King made for slim pickings. Then one day Eric had the idea to talk to his crazy talented grandpa, and see if he could build us a bed. Being the generous craftsman he is, Gpa instantly accepted the challenge, and proceeded to build us the coolest bed frame a girl could ask for.
It took all of 10 seconds for me to fill those gorgeous drawers with shoes. Aside from painting them black, this isn't technically a project we can take credit for. But since it's the most exciting thing that's happened to our house since November, I'm counting it. 

The latest thing keeping us busy was painting the set for Shrek the Musical Jr. My hometown middle school is putting on the play, and as the current Drama Department Art Director, my job is to make the scenes beautiful! 

It was a ton of work, and a ton of paint, but when we left I was pretty damn pleased. These are only a handful of the pics, so if you want to see the rest you'll have to go see the show!

Well that got super long super fast. 
Idk why I'm surprised, what else is going to happen when you disappear for a month? The Head, Heart, and Hands format worked out though! Maybe it could be a series! Might help keep me on a schedule of sorts...key word "might".