Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Green Wall and a Gorgeous Rug

Currently it is Saturday. I'm sitting at my desk sipping a mimosa, and while it isn't quite 5:00, it will be when I'm done writing this post so I'm counting it as an acceptable drinking time.

Confession, this is my second mimosa, but I'm an adult and really just wanted an excuse to use my fancy YETI wine-glass thing. Plus the champagne was already open so why go through the whole "get the cork-screw out" ordeal when pouring a glass of prosecco was WAY easier! 

I digress. The detail I actually want you to focus on in the above rant is this; I'M SITTING AT MY DESK. 

That's right. Who has two thumbs and finally her own space to work at home from? THIS GIRL! WOOP! 

Listen, it has been a JOURNEY. Since move-in day, we always considered the 3rd room upstairs as "the office". Although for the longest time 90% of it's use was for storage. 
Not so pretty. 
But with time, and some general organization, it served its purpose and overall wasn't "that bad" of a space. 
Until I just couldn't take it anymore. 

Every once in a while, in those rare moments of us having no set plans or commitments, Eric will turn to me and ask "So what would you like to get done this weekend?" and that's when I pounce. 

Clear it out, clean it up, and for the love of God get rid of that horrible brown/tan/EW paint color. 

So we did! 
This room has the same sloped ceiling as our guest bedroom, so I wanted to keep your eye away from the shorter wall, and create the sense of unity between the two sides. While painting only halfway up the walls helped in the guest bedroom, I didn't want to use the same method in here. The solution? Keep everything white, except for the one full-sized wall. 
Emerald like my favorite city, Judy Garland would be proud. Did you know she died of a drug overdoes? (_)<<

Paint? Check. Up next? A place to work. 
Now call me a hopeless romantic, but I always envisioned Eric and I being able to type side by side at our own matching desks. Like brushing your teeth at his-and-her bathroom sinks, only nerdier. So one night we went out to a romantic dinner at our favorite little spot, ate Swedish meatballs, and picked out office furniture. 

IKEA. We ate dinner at IKEA. 

2 Linnmon Table Tops + 2 Lerberg Trestles + 2 Klimpen Drawer Units (similar, ours our white) = custom desks that fit PERFECTLY against our new green wall. 

Of course we couldn't settle for the boring drawer pulls, and promptly swapped them out for something with a bit more style.
This makes me want to DO ALL THE THINGS! Be productive, file papers, organize our books, make labels, EVERYTHING! But like any project under the Wellman roof, nothing is 100% complete. I have big dreams of beautiful shelves above and stylish reading lights on either side of the computers. Maybe a floor lamp too! 
I DO need a place to sit though. Even our adorableness reaches its limit at "sharing the same desk chair". Well if I don't get a chair, I can at least sprawl out on the floor with our new rug! 
Isn't she gorgeous!? Rugs USA wins again. 

This room is embracing 2018 head-on. It took a while, but things are finally starting to make sense. Gone are the days of closing the door and ignoring the complete chaos behind it, instead it feels like I've gained an entirely new area of the house! With my big-girl computer, I actually USE the office. I look forward to taking on extra freelance projects because I have SOMEWHERE TO WORK ON THEM!!! 
Life changing. Truly the perfect way to kick off a new year. 

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

All That Glitters...Will Go On My Dinning Room Table

Thanksgiving is over, and that means it's officially legal to decorate for Christmas! 

Also, it's been like THREE MONTHS since I've blogged about anything...and's about time. After the completion of our backyard, we've been taking things pretty easy. A lil something fun though...big shout out to Apartment Therapy for featuring us as a Before and After!!!! I'm a HUGE fan of that site, so seeing my own home as I scroll up it's pages feels AWESOME! You can read the whole article here.

But back to decking those halls! This year's theme? Mystical Christmas Mermaid.
Glitter? Pink? Sparkles? Mermaid! 
I've always had a fascination with those oriental looking ginger jars. I love the contrast of blue and white, so every time I spot one at the thrift store or antique mall I scoop it up. While normally my little collection sits on top of the stairs, when that space is needed for the Penguin Tree (we have lots of Christmas themes in this house), they get pushed to the side.
Sad day. 
So imagine my delight when I FINALLY figured out a way to incorporate them into the decorations. It was time to switch things up anyhow. 
Eric's response to my creation? 
"So. How exactly does this say mermaid?" 
Pssh. Men. 
The nontraditional colors of pink, green, and blue are really bringing me some happy vibes. I was given two GIANT tubs of these ornaments a few years back, and decided to bring them out again for funzies. I snagged the gold sequin table cloth from a friend who was selling her wedding decorations. It's huge, sparkly, and 100% worth it. 
And the best part? There's a certain time of day when the sunlight hits the table juuuust right, and BAM! The whole room is covered in beautiful sunny disco ball polka dots.
So the next time someone says "Ummm mermaids aren't really Christmas-y", blow some bubbles in their face and swim away, because nobody needs that negativity in their life.