Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The One Home Detail You Should Always "Address"

If you know me at all, you know how much I love a good accessory. That extra pop of color, or piece of flair, to tie everything together and bring a lil "sumtin sumtin". Much like creating that perfect look for Saturday night, accessorizing your home is all about the details.

So what's the one detail that every home has, but more often than not is overlooked? 

Address numbers! 
Updating our house numbers has been on my mind since the day we moved in. As a Graphic Designer by trade, and a fully committed font nerd, I was far from satisfied with our current set. 

I toyed around with a couple solutions in Photoshop and thought to tie in the same orange from the door really polished things off. 
How cute does our porch look with all those flowers?? Gah! I can't wait to get my pots out again for Spring. 

Anywhoooo...while wandering around Lowe's, I spotted these san-serif beauties. And only $6? YAAASSS!!! They're perfect! 
Eric measured, cut, re-measured, aligned, drilled, re-aligned....you get it. Of course, he didn't do all of the work, I painted the backboard with two coats of "Crossfire" by Olympic, which also happened to be what we used on our front door. 

To help protect the wood from Mother Nature, we primed the entire board front AND back. Eric also used glue and caulk to completely seal the areas around the numbers. Unfortunately, when he finished it was 9 pm, and the sun had long set for the night. It wasn't until morning when I was able to get a proper look, and man did it make my day!
I like my numbers how I like my jewelry; BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL! Now our mail carrier has absolutely no excuse to misplace those countless Amazon packages.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Let's Put a Pin in That...Why I Never Throw Anything Away

Ever have a thought enter your brain, and no matter how much time passes, just refuse to let it go? I've personally lost track how often this has happened. I can't help it! I've got millions of plans, and thousands of ideas. When inspiration strikes, I'm overcome with this crazy urge, and have to do everything within my power to bring it to life! 

Pin all the pictures! 
Make all the lists! 
Organize all the supplies! 

Occasionally the idea dies, and that random thrift store purchase gets tossed, because reupholstering an entire chair turns out to be WAY harder than it looks. But for the most part, I'll eventually circle back to the idea, and my hoarding tendency comes in REAL handy. When I find myself rummaging around for that certain SOMETHING, I've usually got it stored away from that one time...I thought about doing that one thing...with that other thing.

Example A: Teal Hairpin Legs circa 2014. So here's the back story. While trolling Craigslist, I spotted this super basic desk for $20. My random-project-idea at the time was to find a side table for our entryway, and when I saw those legs, I figured I could build it. Weeeeelll I ended up just buying one from At Home, and sadly those legs never saw the light of day. 
But I didn't give up! Every time I went downstairs, saw them propped up in the corner just begging to be used, the creative cogs would start turning. So recently when my heart screamed "YOU NEED A PLANT STAND!", my brain calmly responded "Shhhhhh remember that desk you bought off CL three years ago?".
YES! I hustled over to Menards for a round wooden panel as the top, slapped on some white paint we had a sample of, and used the hardware already included with the desk to secure all the legs. A couple episodes of "Scandal" later, I had myself a plant stand! 
Isn't he the CUTEST?!! 

The downside is I only used three of the four, so now a single leftover leg is lying around. But what have we learned? DO NOT THROW AWAY THE THINGS! Just put a pin in it, you never know when you'll need it again.  :) 

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