Tuesday, February 7, 2017

House + Love = Home

August 2013: Eric and I purchase our first house
1 week later: we buy paint, a brush, and get to work! 
2013 - 2017: 4 years, 7 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 6 ceilings, 1 banister, 21 spindles, 15 stairs, 6 doors, 1 bed frame, and ENDLESS trim later...
Our very first paint brush has officially bit the dust.  **cue sad violin music**
The thought of just tossing it in the trash really bummed me out. This little guy has been with us during our entire home transformation. From "meh" to amazing! Frumpy to fabulous! Blah to BA-BAM! It needed to be commemorated somehow. 

So off to the thrift store I scampered, and for $5 found myself the perfect frame. To customize it further, I rooted around Eric's tool desk and pulled out boxes of nails, screws, and nuts. Laid each on the frame to create a pattern, and hot-glued everything down.
All it took was a few coats of white on the frame, silver on the back, more glue to secure the brush, and this project was DONE!
House + Love = Home

I adore this phrase. Simple, yet heartwarming. 
Only thing left to do is to find somewhere to hang it! I'm thinking right in the foyer, with maybe some hooks beneath where we can keep our keys. It'll be a nice little reminder every time we walk in, of all the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into making our house into the beautiful home it is today.
Digging through all these "before" pics, reminds me how much I need to put together another home tour. It's been a few years, and things have changed so much! Not to mention all the plans we've got hidden up our sleeves. 

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Updated Kitchen #Shelfie and a New Toy!

Hello all my beautiful readers! 

Let's give it up for the first post of 2017! The beginning of January always makes me want to cleanse and rearrange. Something about putting away all the new Christmas gifts, makes me realized how much excess stuff we have. This (insert item here) hasn't been used or seen all year? Do we really need it? The idea of sorting through the whole house is quite the daunting task. Working in small bits, by taking it one room (or even one section of a room) at a time is usually a wise choice. 

So what have we been up to??? 

Over the holidays, Eric and I both had a whole week off work. There was a lot of lying around in bed, Netflix, and trying to avoid going to the grocery store by eating the leftover party snacks. One morning, while pulling out the coffee maker from under the microwave for the umpteenth time, Eric declared he wanted to make room for it on the counter. This of course lead to a whole new counter re-configuration, an updated storage solution for our microwave, and realizing just how many coffee mugs we own.

I'd been eyeing this OMAR Shelf Unit from IKEA, and like how it's open-wire style wouldn't collect dust, while also letting in light from the window. So that night we headed to IKEA for dinner (still avoiding grocery shopping, see above) and brought home our new shelves. It only took one Disney movie to assemble, move out the old, bring in the new, and pack the shelves with goodies. 
Using s-hooks to hang our mugs was a quirky solution, and I found these (large and small) glass jars to store my baking necessities.
Chang is so absolutely refreshing, and compared to the before, much brighter too! 

You may have also noticed, these photos are a slightly higher quality than the usual run-of-the-mill iPhone pic. That's because my husband is incredible, and even though we agreed to NOT exchanging gifts this year, he went out and bought a LEGIT camera! #sobethanygotacamera 
It's a Nikon D5300, and I am in LOVE. 

My goal is to become familiar enough, so I don't have to constantly rely on the "auto" setting. I want to capture images I'm happy with entirely on "manual", so I have more control. After brushing up on my aperture and f/stop notes from a handful of college classes, it all started coming back to me. 

One of the coolest things, is that you can wirelessly sync all the pictures you take right to your phone. Easy peasy. With a push of a button, the camera becomes it's own little hot-spot, and through the app you can download a select few, or everything on your memory card. 
I may only have random things around my house to shoot at the moment, but overall I'm completely satisfied with my our new toy.  

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