Friday, April 28, 2017

Let's Put a Pin in That...Why I Never Throw Anything Away

Ever have a thought enter your brain, and no matter how much time passes, just refuse to let it go? I've personally lost track how often this has happened. I can't help it! I've got millions of plans, and thousands of ideas. When inspiration strikes, I'm overcome with this crazy urge, and have to do everything within my power to bring it to life! 

Pin all the pictures! 
Make all the lists! 
Organize all the supplies! 

Occasionally the idea dies, and that random thrift store purchase gets tossed, because reupholstering an entire chair turns out to be WAY harder than it looks. But for the most part, I'll eventually circle back to the idea, and my hoarding tendency comes in REAL handy. When I find myself rummaging around for that certain SOMETHING, I've usually got it stored away from that one time...I thought about doing that one thing...with that other thing.

Example A: Teal Hairpin Legs circa 2014. So here's the back story. While trolling Craigslist, I spotted this super basic desk for $20. My random-project-idea at the time was to find a side table for our entryway, and when I saw those legs, I figured I could build it. Weeeeelll I ended up just buying one from At Home, and sadly those legs never saw the light of day. 
But I didn't give up! Every time I went downstairs, saw them propped up in the corner just begging to be used, the creative cogs would start turning. So recently when my heart screamed "YOU NEED A PLANT STAND!", my brain calmly responded "Shhhhhh remember that desk you bought off CL three years ago?".
YES! I hustled over to Menards for a round wooden panel as the top, slapped on some white paint we had a sample of, and used the hardware already included with the desk to secure all the legs. A couple episodes of "Scandal" later, I had myself a plant stand! 
Isn't he the CUTEST?!! 

The downside is I only used three of the four, so now a single leftover leg is lying around. But what have we learned? DO NOT THROW AWAY THE THINGS! Just put a pin in it, you never know when you'll need it again.  :) 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Greenery + Glam Florida Dream Home

It's only the middle of April, and technically Spring, but these random days of toasty temps have me jonesin' for Summertime SO hard core! All I can dream about is our trip to Florida this coming July. The sway of palm trees in the breeze, squishing warm sand between my toes, relaxing on a tropical paradise while sipping ice cold Mai Tais garnished with fresh pineapple...


Could you imagine actually LIVING in such a place? Never having to leave, whimper "bye bye beach...", or make the depressing journey back up North? Well thanks to Douglas Elliman, I was the given chance to imagine my little heart away!

I was recently contacted by their Florida real estate team to create my own personal dream space featuring Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year; greenery. I'm currently OBSESSED with greenery and plant-life, so in the words of Barney Stinson; "Challenge accepted!" 

Since this is Florida we're talking about, the traditional solution would be to do something with a cool "coastal" or "seaside" vibe. Well. I am anything BUT traditional, and my vibe was groovin' to the tune of GREEN and GLAM! 
Curtains | Paint | Hanging Planter (similar) | Pothos Vine (similar) | Fiddle Leaf Fig (similar) | Snake Plant (similar) | Jute Rug | Hide Rug | Sofa | Lamp | Accent Chair | Coffee Table | Side Table | Agate | White Pillow | Pink Pillow | Gold Pillow

When decorating a space, one thing to take into consideration is how to enjoy it all year long. As I was searching for the perfect wall color, I knew it had to be something light and airy. Florida isn't called "the sunshine state" for nothing, the sky is blue, the palms are green, and what color doesn't accent those two any better than PINK!? I found a beautiful tint by Benjamin Moore, and paired it with ALL OF THE PLANTS! 

Greenery is such a simple way to breath fresh life into a room, which is convenient, because palm-leaf is SUPER on trend right now. Don't have a green thumb? No sweat! These patterned curtains bring in some organic whimsy, don't need watering, and look stunning behind that blue statement sofa with it's classic lines. Jute and hide rugs provide a level of texture, along with the metal elements from the coffee table, lamp, and accent chair. Finish things up with a punch of color via a throw pillow or two, and this room is as gorgeous as the tropical beach it resides on! 
Watching a room come together is SO SATISFYING! All the elements fall into place, you take a step back, and everything just jives. PS I've been fantasizing about curling up on that couch, watching the dolphins and mermaids play in the ocean, ALL DAY LONG! But I guess that's why they call it a Florida dream home, it's just that, a dream. 

Now excuse me while I go back to my IRL home in Ohio, where there are absolutely NO mermaids, and count down the days until Summer vacation.