Monday, July 29, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Now normally I am not a fan of the Mondays, but THIS Monday had a wonderful surprise waiting for me!

Last week I entered a contest held by the beautifully inspiring blog Because It's Awesome. She was giving away a painting from by UK Artist Hannah Adamaszek, who does amazing work. I just love the color and washes that are featured in her pieces. 
Anyway, I left a comment on what piece I loved the most, and went on with my day. 

This morning though, while looking through my blog feed, I spotted this: 

My heart stopped....could this "Bethany" really be me??? 
It sure was!
I HAD WON!!!!! EEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! 

I am so excited, I can't get over it. In a few days this little beauty will be in my hands and probably the first thing we hang up in our hew home! 

Isn't it stunning? The colors, that look in the woman's eyes, the perfect blend of street art and fine art. 

Thank you Because It's Awesome
I love your blog, and I know I'm going to love my new piece of art. 

So if you like interior design, shopping, art, style, happiness, and fun; go check out this blog and add it to your reading list! 


Monday, July 22, 2013

Hyde Park Farmer's Market

Nothing says "it's summer time" than a fantastic farmer's market. 
People walking around buying fresh produce and flowers, while the tune from an acoustic guitar floats on the breeze. Dogs bark, children laugh, and the sun shines bright on your shoulders. 

Every Sunday from the beginning of June until October, 9:30am-1:30pm, Hyde Park Square plays host to the Hyde Park Farmer's Market.  I found myself attending the market by a complete mistake actually. I was looking for a store in Hyde Park Plaza and got a bit turned around. It was a lovely surprise though and just wondered for about half an hour. 

Tents were set up all around the square where many local businesses sold their products. Not only was there fresh produce, you could also get waffles, ice cream, lunch from a food truck, jam, organic dog food, anything really. I regretted eating before since you could easily grab a whole meal, take a seat in the grassy square, and have a little picnic. 

So if you're looking for something to do those lazy Sunday mornings, take a trip to Hyde Park and do a little shopping while also supporting the local businesses!

Family beware, if you visit before October and it's the right time, we are totally going here. :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our House, In The Middle Of The Street

Holy cow we have been busy and can you believe summer is almost over!? 
4th of July? Gone! 
The 4 weddings we had? Gone! 
Family vacation? Gone! 
The community picnic is in 2 weeks and then BOOM! Kids will be packing up and heading back to school. Eric will be starting his first year of teaching in August, and I just can't wait to take a picture of him on his first day :) 

Hopefully everyone has had a fantastic summer so far, ours sure has been a lot of fun, but it also has been PACKED full of craziness. Our big accomplishment though is FINDING A HOUSE!!! We've officially become home owners and will close in just a few short days. I apologize for not posting in like...forever, so hopefully you will enjoy this little preview of our home. 

Tada!!! Casa Wellman

I really want to paint this room BM Owl Grey, and I love the look of this.

Would love to make the dining room look like this that rug is amazing.

I want to paint kitchen cabinets like this, this, or all white with a colorful island like this or this

Pictures are from the realtor website, so it's still decorated from the current residents. The rest of the house is just as cute as the first floor. We were so lucky to find a 2 story with 3 bedrooms and really high ceilings (great for Eric!)
It also has a fun surprise in the backyard, but you'll have to wait until the official tour to see that! 
We have big plans for this house. I am just itching to get in there and paint and add our own little touches to it to make it our very own!  Wish us luck the closing and move goes smooth and we'll keep everyone posted as we go!