Well hey there!
My name is Bethany, and it is SO GREAT to meet you! I am just delighted that you are here reading my little blog, so to be polite, I'd like to share a bit more about myself. Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by art, design, creativity, and the act of making something. Fine art, interiors, graphics, dance, fashion, theater, cooking, singing, I can't get enough! 
Professionally I am a Graphic Designer, and I absolutely LOVE my job. Unprofessionally I have proclaimed myself a decorator/creator-of-things. That title may sound pretty broad, but I just find such joy in taking a space, adding personality, and making it feel unique and special! 
In the summer of 2013, my husband and I bought our first house, and fixing it up has been one of the biggest challenge and greatest adventure we've ever faced. A lot of what you will read on this blog is us making progress on our house. One project at a time, we're slowly but surely bringing our own taste and style into the space to make it a home. 
Other topics I like to discuss are simply more interest and hobbies that define who I am. Recipes I've tried and loved, crafts and other DIY's, pretty much every aspect of design, as well as every day discoveries I find fascinating are all here for you to enjoy!

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy Soliloquy by Bethany! 

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