Monday, June 13, 2016

What's Been Going Down

What up my bros...brothers...brethren? 

Currently Eric and I have our feet firmly planted in "project limbo", trying to complete a multitude of tasks we've assigned to ourselves. 

The biggest and baddest (and by BAD I mean it's going to be f'ing AMAZING) is hands-down the backyard. Eric has been working his tail off. Dedicating any free time to digging up grass, removing stones, and leveling out the ground so it's concrete ready. 

Next steps include:
          - Pouring, dying, and stamping concrete 
          - Giving the pergola a second coat of stain
          - Installing raised flower beds along the front and side 
          - Establishing sitting, dining, and fire-ring areas 
          - Hang twinkle lights and a stunning chandelier...obviously

My heads spinning just thinking about everything left to do, but seriously, it's going to be so BA. 
Up second is our office space. 
Last week Eric found a couple desks on Craigslist, and REALLY wanted them. That got the fire lit to purge the boxes and crates that have LITERALLY been in the same place since we moved in three years ago, clear things out, and move his current desk to the basement for tool storage. 
As fate would have it, the desks sold before we could get them, bummer. So the current state of the room is complete chaos.
But look at that blank wall to the left! Once we declutter we'll have so much empty space! At first I was thinking "bold color!", but now I'm not so sure. Honestly I'm leaning more and more towards all white. Ceiling, walls, everything. Then the books, cabinets, and furniture can lead the scheme, much like the pics below. 
Source / Source / Source 
Or things could turn in a completely opposite direction...who knows. 

Last little update is our new living room rug!
I found it at Rugs USA, and upon the arrival, I've spent most nights sprawled out on its fluffy goodness. The shag is super comfy, and I adore how it ties in all the colors from the space. The placement was a bit tricky to figure out, since the room isn't square and the furniture is angled towards the fireplace, but I think it'll do nicely. 
Colorful, vibrant, SO soft, and WAY more beautiful than the beige-y carpet we were staring at before. Which technically we're still staring at, just staring at less, since we've now covered it up a little.

Honestly, 90% of these projects are Eric's doing. That's because the man is a rockstar, and has been crazy productive since the start of Summer Break. I did though get our guest bedroom basically done, and will most likely be in charge of putting the office back together.


So that's what's been going down! Anyone else kicking off Summer with an endless GIT-R-DONE list??