Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Buyer's Remorse...A Lost Chandelier

Nothing. I tell you NOTHING is worse than regretting a decision. 
The pain of longing you have for something that was in your grasp...but you decided to let it go. 
THAT is what I'm going through right now, also known as buyer's remorse. 
Last weekend when I went to the Cincinnati Yard Sale there was a brass chandelier in a box. It was old, tarnished, and I had no use for it now in our little apartment. But why..WHY did I not just snatch it up right then!!! Why didn't I think "Well Beth, you're trying to buy a house, and I'm sure there would be a space just PERFECT for this chandelier there." No, instead I put it down, thanked the women for being so kind, and strolled on along. 
I've been regretting that decision for days. 
Why you ask would I want a second hand chandelier???
Well first off, it was only  $12. Can't beat that. Secondly I have been itching to take a old brass light fixture that looks like this: 

And make it look like this! 

image from
How stunning are these lights!!!?? I just adore their bright colors and whimsy they inspire. 
So now do you understand why I am in such despair? 

Lately I have been on the hunt for another chandelier. I am bound and determined to not let my one mistake be my crafty undoing. 
I've also found some other BEAUTIFUL rooms that feature a painted re-purposed light!

image from

image from

image from

image from

 I am in lighting love :) 

So I beg of you, if you have one of these chandeliers lying around your attic, and want to get rid of it please PLEASE let me know. Or if you happen to spot on at your local Goodwill, snatch it up and I will pay you back. 

Snaps for teamwork! Hope you're as inspired as I am! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Recap: Cincinnati Yard Sale

Wasn't the weather this weekend absolutely gorgeous?? All I wanted to do was go outside and plant flowers or something. Too bad I have neither a yard, or flowers to plant...BUT that did not dampen my excitement for sunshine and nature. My allergies may disagree, but it was still a fantastic weekend. 
Eric was out of town for most of it unfortunately, he was in a golf tournament, so I was flying solo this time. I may have been a little too excited to have a few days to myself (don't tell Eric) but by Sunday I was definitely missing the hubs. 
So what did I do this weekend just filled with "Beth" time? I went shopping of course!!!! 
This weekend was the 103.5 WGRR Cincinnati Yard Sale out at the new Beach Waterpark. Anyone who wanted to sell items paid for a table (that money went to charity) and then they could sell anything they wanted. There were also food trucks, music, and Newtown Farm Market selling fresh produce and flowers. 

It was a hoot! So many random items to look through, I was so excited. "One man's junk is another man's treasure" was the motto of the day and boy were both junk and treasure represented. 

I also spotted Queen Janeen! I listen to her and her husband Chris every morning. This is my sly "I'm a complete stalker taking a pic with my phone" moment. 

 Bellow are my spoils from the day. Being the dish addict that I am, I was beyond pumped when I found this beautiful white tray for only $8! And that round mirror was only $5, I think I'm going to spray paint it yellow. 

 Another fun little outing I went on this weekend was to the park with some girls from my gym. We climbed all over the monkey bars and may have gotten some funny looks, but it was so worth it :) 


So do you like yard sales as much as I do? The idea of turning an old piece of nothing into something special is fascinating to me. 
There is so much fun in the hunt, I just love it!