Monday, September 21, 2015

Mini-Awkward-Bathroom REVEAL!

I am happy to announce that the mini-awkward-bathroom makeover is officially COMPLETE! Although the awkwardness isn't entirely gone, I mean there's still a shower in lieu of a sink, it's absolutely a BILLION times sexier. Which of course is what every bathroom strives to be during their little bathroom lifetime.

If you're new here, you can read from my original post I wanted something dark, but also high contrast, with a lot of gold accents. 
After the intense paint job, the space was about 75% there. Not to brag, but I'm pretty sure I nailed that last 25%. 
Warning, you're about to get bombarded with pictures. Enjoy! 
Above the toilet, I really wanted to take advantage of the space by installing shelves. To bring in more gold, I spray painted the brackets, and then Eric trimmed simple white shelves from Menards to fit snugly between the walls. 
Another detail I'm obsessed with is the new light fixture! It's like a glittery golden chandelier just twinkling above your head. It's totally unique, totally DIY, and I'm totally going to write about it next. Stay tuned. 
I am so SO happy with how this makeover turned out. For being such a small space, it's still jammed packed with personality, and LOTS of original details. 
Check out these wonderfully satisfying before and afters.
Again, I cannot reiterate how pleased I am with how this project came together. Yes it took about two months when I wanted it to take only a week, but some things are just worth waiting for. And a super gorgeous place to do your business in, happens to be one of those things. 

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