Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big and Beautiful

I love Miss Piggy, always have. But whats not to love? A sassy, stylish pig who tells it like it is,  a hopeless romantic with a frog, AND she does karate??? True diva if you ask me :)

I decided to post this quote I found from her because I absolutely LOVE what it says. "Style comes in all sahpes and sizes. Therefore the bigger you are, the more style you have." so true. For the past few months I have been a member of Weight Watchers. I absolutely think this is the best way to lose weight, so if you're thinking about joining, but just don't know...DO IT! Its a lifetyle change, not a diet, and I have actually found success with it! So far I have lost a little over 10 pounds and I am really starting to notice the change.

 The reason I'm saying all this along with my big and beautiful Miss Piggy quote, is because as I'm looking at myself in the mirror, I have noticed changes with the weight loss, but I've also decided that I do NOT want to lose my curves. I want to be HEALTHY not SKINNY, and the differance between those two words is crucial to young girls today as they watch models and celebrities on television and movies. Mothers, stress to your little girls that being healthy is so much more important than being skinny. Curves are beautiful, they are natrual and georgouse. Women should be build for comfort, not speed. And I don't know about you but I'd rather be a size 8 and have an amazing hour glass figure, then a size 2 and be nothing bone.