Friday, January 15, 2016

16 Stylish Organization Options for 2016

Happy happy New Year to all you beautiful people! Hopefully January hasn't been too rough so far. To be honest, Jans kind of been a jerk here. Teasing us with 50 degree temps last week, and then BAM! Winter finally decides to show it's frigid face and snow. Of course this all happens AFTER the holidays, when we would've actually WELCOMED a frosty winter wonderland. #victim 

Anywho. Moving on...

First post of 2016! 


Leading the to-do list for this bright-and-shiny new year? Sort through all the CRAZY from the last 365 days, and get my life in order. Ok maybe not my entire life, but some de-cluttering around the house is a good start. 

"Umm Beth, didn't you have this same goal last year???" 

You bet your pretty little face I did! But those Stylish Organization Options are sooo 2015. I'm back at Strong Is Our Sexy and have gathered not 15, but 16 NEW fabulous products to help sort through your space and catalog your clutter!
Visit STRONG IS OUR SEXY to read the full article, giggle at my random quirky thoughts, and find links to snag each of these beauties for yourself! 


The above products and links are in no way associated with the brand Soliloquy by Bethany or Strong is Our Sexy, nor was I paid to promote them. All opinions are 100% my own.