Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting Crafty: Chalkboard Window

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Eric and I watched every single Harry Potter movie...that's right...all 8 of them. So needless to say we had a very mellow past few days. He had never seen them all, and being the HP fanatic that I am, I was more than happy to oblige to his request to have a marathon.  

I didn't just lay around all weekend though, I finished one of my projects! I bought this window at a flea market for $5 last summer with intentions of using it as a headboard. Once we got it in the apartment though, and held it up over the bed, it just didn't jive. So we needed a plan B. I always wanted to try chalkboard paint and took this as the perfect opportunity. 

After cleaning and prepping the window with painters tape, I was ready to go. Chalkboard paint can be found almost anywhere you can buy paint. I picked this up at our local Menards. It comes in black, green, and also can be tinted to a handful of colors. 

Woop woop!! After a few coats, and letting it fully dry between each , I had a new painted window!

Once I removed the tape and made sure everything was completely dry, I needed to prepare the chalkboard surface. This party is pretty fun. You just cover the entire surface with chalk and then wipe away. After that you're new chalkboard is ready!

My idea right now is to hang it in our kitchen to plan our week of meals with. It may end up somewhere else depending, on how hard it is to hang, but either way I am super excited for it to be completed!

Hope your weekend was just as productive and relaxing! 

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Michaela said...

That is so awesome! I need an old window now.