Monday, February 9, 2015

Time to Get Those Instagram Pics Off Your Phone and Into Your Home

Picture this...

You’re scrolling through your Instagram account, admiring the skill at which you applied the VALENCIA filter just-so to really flatter your new highlights, when it hits you;

“Why must I be limited to viewing these photos solely on my phone or computer? Some of these snapshots are downright frame-worthy, scratch that, GALLERY-worthy!”

So let’s make it happen people! 

This week at STRONG IS OUR SEXY, I'm sharing some of my favorite ideas for getting those perfectly square portraits off your phone and into your home!
Taking pictures and posting them to social media sites like Instagram is how we experience our world today. Some of my favorite photos of family and friends are casual ones I've snapped on my phone while at a party or out to eat. And while searching through pages and pages of history to find that one picture you know you took three months ago has it’s appeal….I’d much prefer to keep my beloved pictures where I can enjoy them everyday with ease.
Read the full article at STRONG IS OUR SEXY and start enjoying your flawlessly filtered pictures to the fullest!

Try saying that 10 times…

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