Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Craigslist Deja Vu

Lately during my usual peruse through the local listings on Craigslist, certain images have been jumping out at me as familiar. I have seen these pieces before, but not because sellers keep listing the same junk over and over again, in hopes that some poor sole will finally take it off their hands. No, this Craigslist deja vu is the result of people being unaware of the treasures that are taking up room in their garage, or gathering dust in the basement. The reason I feel like I've seen these items before, is because I HAVE! I've seen them in GORGEOUS interior pictures featured on blogs, Pinterest, websites, and magazines. 

Below are listings I've recently found on the Cincinnati area Craigslist. I've linked the source to it's original page, but apologies ahead of time if the items have been sold already. You snooze you loose people! 

First up, this fantastic 9x12 blue and white geometric print area rug going for $350. 
This rug is the same pattern found in the living room of none other than interior designer Emily Henderson
I am OBSESSED with Emily's style, and if you haven't drooled over her bright refreshing design work I'm not really sure what you've been doing with your life. The woman can style a credenza like her life depends on it, but at the same time make it look so effortless you are immediately overcome with the confidence to try it in your own home. #LikeABoss

My second find is this tufted leather sofa, that also includes two chairs and an ottoman listed for $450.
You already know I'm a sucker for anything tufted, but pair it with the images below and you can pretty much appoint me driver of the leather furniture bandwagon. 
Next up is this oh-so-dapper claw foot tub with a $200 asking price.  
You guys don't even understand how badly I want this in my bathroom. We have a built in shower/tub combo, so that's not happening anytime soon, but just LOOK at how breathtaking this tub could be with a sleek black paint job. 
Don't even get me started on those faucets and brass hardware. 
Speaking of brass, check out this glass table and four chairs which are a steal at $50. The table is just meh, but l'm totally digging the shape of those chairs. There could really be some potential lurking underneath all that plaid. 
Look at how these brass chairs are seamlessly paired with a wooden table for a beautiful contrast. 
Now envision those Craigslist chairs, reupholstered with different fabric, and you could easily accomplish this same look in your own space. 
Having to click away from a gem like this makes me wish for all the space and money in the world. It leaves me feeling a like an explorer though; constantly searching for that diamond-in-the-rough hidden among all the rubble of cheap tables, overstuffed couches, and wicker bookcases. 

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