Monday, January 26, 2015

Insanely Easy Fresh Garden Salsa

I'm back at STRONG IS OUR SEXY sharing a healthy dish that's also a true crowd pleaser!

My husband and I have these friends who are super fun. The reason they are super fun is because they always invite us over to their house. While over at their super fun house, we play lots of pool, listen to music, drink yummy beverages, and eat a TON of food. And because they are super NICE as well as super fun, without fail we will end up bringing home as much, if not more, food than we showed up with. Like my husband and I, our friends are major foodies, which is one of the reasons we love them. People who are willing to try anything and everything have a special place in my heart. Truth time: picky eaters drive me bonkers!

When they asked us to join them again last Saturday, and requested we bring a snack or appetizer, I knew I needed a game plan. Personally I have yet to shake that “constantly full” feeling from the holidays. I know I know, that all ended weeks ago, but we still seem to have so many desserts lingering around, I find myself constantly snacking.

So while searching for a dish to bring, I tried to focus on something light and more on the healthier side. That’s when I stumbled upon a recipe my cousin had shared with me years ago; Fresh Garden Salsa! This stuff is delicious, and so quick and easy to make its ridiculous.

For the full recipe and instructions, visit STRONG IS OUR SEXY!
I just love the variation of color this salsa has, it’s absolutely gorgeous! With fresh veggies, and lots of protein, this dish is truly a winner for anyone trying to please a crowd while also keeping things nutritious.


Full recipe at STRONG IS OUR SEXY!!!

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