Friday, January 16, 2015

Bargains and Buyouts and Beds, OH MY!

Last weekend, my friend Maria and I took a little adventure to Bargains and Buyouts on the West side of Cincinnati. Neither of us had been there before, and we really didn't know what to expect walking in.
If you enjoy a warehouse packed full of discounted furniture and home goods, then this is the place for you! Bargains and Buyouts is a liquidation company with their products mainly consisting of overstocked items that their suppliers sold to them for low rates, which in turn means low price for us! Woop!
Maria was on the hunt for a rug, and I was really impressed with their amount of selections. These huge area rugs started as low as $99! 
How absolutely perfect would this pink one be in a young girl's room? And I LOVE the color combination in the one on the right. 
Along with the rugs they had a huge selection of couches, desks, lamps, head boards, chairs, bar stools, art, you name it. These two pieces in particular were my favorite. Can't go wrong with a gold end table, and that white chandelier has the perfect amount of whimsy without being too excessive. 
If we hadn't driven in a super small car, this orange rug would've come straight home with me. It would look PERFECT in our bedroom. 
Speaking of our bedroom, THIS happened Saturday morning...
Good morning mover men! 
We got ourselves a brand new CALIFORNIA KING MATTRESS!!! This was our gift to each other, last year we bought furniture, so this year it's a big kid bed! 
We're still on the hunt for a bed frame, I'm thinking one of those with the drawers underneath would be SUPER convenient. 
Our former queen is now in the guest bedroom, which has gone under a mini makeover and looks about 400% better than before. 
So let it be known that from this day forward, if you stay at the Wellman household, you will have an ACTUAL BED to sleep in and not our air mattress.
Snaps for progress! 
My design plan for this room involves dark blue walls (like in the pic below), a killer headboard/accent wall, and of course lots of beautiful pillows and decor. 
Who knows when operation Guest Bedroom Transformation will actually happen, but having all of our "junk" condensed from two rooms to one is still extremely satisfying. 
Change makes me so giddy! I keep opening the door to snag a peek, just because it FINALLY looks different than it has for the past two years!

2015 is already turning out to be pretty fabulous. 

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Anonymous said...

What I like about Bargins and Buyouts is how they allow you to make a space unique to your style for a reasonable price. I was at their Cincinnati location and enjoyed browsing the store. Sofa, vintage looking furniture, and shoes. Yeah ... shoes.