Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cincy Craigslist Browsing

It's been about six months since my last post about the great findings that Cincinnati's Craigslist has to offer. So what better time than the present to dive right in?

I've included the item's link, but you never know how long these listings are going to last.
First up are these purple pieces of perfection. I swear it's a miracle that every piece of furniture in my home isn't covered head to toe in tufting. For $600, you could have a pair of purple Crate and Barrel Tessa Chairs, originally 1K each. Pretty great deal if you ask me. 
Next up is this dresser for $65. Six drawers just begging for that hardware to be polished to a shine, or replaced with something a bit more your style. How great is that wood grain pattern in the middle though? Kind of reminds me of chevron...but not really...but still in a good way. 
Space feeling a bit tiny or cramped? One solution is...say it with me now! Big. Ass. Mirror. This mirror in particular would be great because that frame is plastic, so it wouldn't be nearly as heavy compared to if it were solid wood. Paint the frame a crisp white to go anywhere, or even a bright and surprising color! $30 and it's yours. 
My heart LONGS for the space to put an adorable little bench. Somewhere you can park your bum to put your shoes on, just littered with adorable throw pillows. Le sigh. For now I'll just dream of this bench that's listed for $45. I'm picturing it with a complete makeover. Spray paint that boring black frame, and cover the bench with fabric for an instant upgrade. Below are some combos I'm particularly fond of: black leopard with gold, bright floral with plum, or a more neutral animal print with dark navy. 
To me #MCM does NOT mean Man Crush Monday, but Mid-Century Modern! 
Personally, I can't get enough of MCM dressers, and this one for $120 is no exception. I'm envisioning leaving the drawers the natural wood, but painting the frame white. Maybe letting those legs pop as the main feature with an accent color. Hardware could easily be switched out, or left as is depending on their condition. 
Right along with my bench obsession, is the desire for a settee. This settee, for $65, is just too cute for words. I'd have to see exactly how "green" the fabric is in person, but that could be reupholstered, and the frame painted. 
No lie, I've been checking this desk out for a while now. I'm not even sure why. Maybe it's the legs, or the really wide drawers. Something about it is calling to me, and for $50 (and if I ever get my own space in the office) it very well may end up being mine.  
And for $60, I could get a retro little 70's pink egg chair to use while sitting at said desk! 
I've never bought a rug on Craigslist, but I wouldn't rule it out. These would 100% need to be checked out in person, since cameras can do all sorts of crazy things with color, and they may not be anywhere close compared to how they actually look in real life. 
That being said, if this 8'x11' oriental style rug is as gorgeous as it appears in the pic, I'm completely won over. First off, $50 for a rug that size should be illegal. Seriously. Secondly, if your space is pretty neutral and needs a boost of color, this rug is your soul mate. Go! Go now and make this beauty yours!  
Last on my Craigslist scavenger hunt are these three Persian rugs. Ranging in size and design, from left to right they are priced $500, $450, and $550. Considering their large size, and the amount of artistry that must have gone into making them, I personally don't think the asking price is too outlandish. 
And that's the whole shebang! 
Well, for now at least :) 
Anyone else out there find a sweet Craigslist score lately??? 

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