Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shut The Front Door!

The last time you really saw our front door, it looked like this:
In current time, those plants have pretty much bit the dust, and I have removed the paint swatches, but more or less it's still the same tired door. 
Ever since our giant banister makeover we've kept the home improvement projects to a minimum. The Summer was just too busy to really start anything, but now that we've found ourselves back into the routine of another school year, I've been ITCHING to attack something with a hammer or paintbrush. 
I now present Victim A: our front door.
If the nine-month-old paint swatches taped to the outside isn't a big enough clue, I absolutely LOVE a colorful door. I think it gives homes an exciting punch of color that can be just so playful and sharp. Like the perfect shade of lipstick on your face. From day one of living here, I've been in search of the color that shouts "Welcome to the Wellmans!", and guys I believe I have found it! 
Let me introduce you to Crossfire by Olympic, from Lowes. Bright, cheerful, insanely orange, with a slight red hue that makes me think of a giant field of poppies. 
Poppies...poppies will make them sleep.....
This is what we had to work with. 
A lovely reminder of what our foyer walls used to look like. 
First step was to remove the hardware, give it a good sand, and fill any uneven spots with wood filler.
Once the filler was dry, Eric gave it another light sanding, and then primer!
Already this space looked so much better. Finally rid of that horrible leftover brown paint.
Then BAM! Here we are after a first coat of color! 
We tried to keep the door open anytime we were home so it had as much time as possible to dry. 
Every morning when I walk down the stairs I just get so giddy seeing this beauty staring back at me. 
Even with three coats, this only took us a quart of paint, and a weekend to complete. We did update our hardware so the door knob and dead bolt have the same finish, but for as much impact it gives, this was a pretty cheap project. 
I could look at "before and after" pictures for days :) 
PS. Fall is TUESDAY! Anyone else super excited for the change of season? I'm currently sitting on my porch swing in shorts and a tank top, so who knows what the weather will bring us this year. I've decked out my dinning room with leaves and pumpkins already, so crisp Autumn evenings or not, we are totally getting into the season here. 

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