Thursday, October 16, 2014

As Seen On Craigslist - Pink Tufted Side Chairs

At some point you guys are going to start calling me the "crazy Craigslist lady".
Which is pretty much just one step before "crazy cat lady", except cats make me that would never work. 
I swear, I am aware that there are more websites out there besides, and that you actually CAN purchase furniture from inside a store, instead out of someone's living room or garage. 
But seriously, where is the sport in that? Hunting is so much more fun :) 
And just look what my latest kill find is! 
In my previous As Seen On Craigslist postI designed a room around a blue chaise lounge, and before that a stunning pink sofa. Well the pink passion continues, because my recent prowl brought my attention to a set of vintage pink tufted side chairs going for $200. 
Not only is it more pink tufted magic, but it's DOUBLED the pink tufted magic!!! 

When I scope out furniture in thrift stores or on CL I always pay attention to the lines. Is the overall shape fantastic? Does it have a solid build? If the fabric or finish is the only reason you don't like a piece, that can be changed. 
Good bones are key. 
In this case, it was the shape of the back as well as the legs that grabbed my attention, and overall, I really do like the pink color. When you first hear "pink chair", your head may go straight to Hello-Kitty-teenage-bedroom-bonanza. But pinks can totally be done in a chic and sophisticated way that you can love well into adulthood. 

With that in mind, check out how I envisioned these side chairs would look in a bright and shiny new setting! 
I'm really into the dark blue walls lately. I balanced the deep color by bringing in neutrals with the curtains, black and white rug, warm wood tones, and leopard print pillows. Also, pink and chartreuse? Match made in heaven! 
As Eric pointed out, this isn't a very "manly" room, and he would TOTALLY sit down in one of those chairs. 
*cue eye roll*
Whatever you say Eric, it takes a real man to pull off pink :) 

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