Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just Think Pink

OMG. You. Guys. 
The other day I was doing my usual Craigslist browsing, and stumbled upon THIS incredible tufted sofa of blush bliss!!!!! 
Can you even believe it! I have NEVER wanted a piece of furniture I absolutely to NOT need more than this sofa. Right now it's listed for $3,339 at Neiman Marcus, so secondhand at a cool $1000 is a pretty amazing deal if you ask me. 
"What in the name of all that is practical would you do with a pink sofa" you ask???? After I quit drooling all over it's glorious tufts and nail head detailing, I would style that bad boy so hard your head would spin. THAT my friend, is what I would do.
Just look at these gorgeous living spaces graced with pink couches of their own if you need anymore persuasion.
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Of course I have my OWN ideas as to how this beautiful piece would be put to use. 
Behold! Let me introduce you to my why-yes-I-have-a-pink-sofa-and-it-is-FABULOUS mood board! 

This style may not be for everyone, but for the bold at heart, it definitely could bring a whole new level of amazing to your space. 

I'd like to imagine that if for some reason Eric's "man cave" in our backyard was actually mine it would look something like this. Beautiful, sophisticated, kinda funky, and bursting with personality!

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