Thursday, August 7, 2014

Your Presence is Requested

For most people "wedding season" is winding down with the end of Summer quickly approaching...that is NOT the case for us this year. Eric and I only had one wedding over the summer, but have SIX to go to before next Spring. 
The plus side is  I LOVE weddings!!! I love getting all dolled up, admiring the bride in her incredible gown, "oooh-ing" and "awww-ing" over the decorations, checking out the bridesmaid dresses, not to mention the free meal and reception!  Hooorah! 

As a graphic designer, another detail I look forward to is the invitation! Not just because I'm obsessed with beautiful paper and stationary goodies, but I always feel like the invitation is a little glimpse into the couple's personality. You can check out the  post I wrote about my friend's invitations here, and see the invitations I created for MY OWN wedding here!

An invitation that we've recently received is for a coworker of mine, and you guys, this thing is GORGEOUS. Gold lined envelopes, embossed monogram, foil stamping, be still my beating heart! 
I am currently OBSESSED with how the gold paper and foil stamping gives off such an incredible glow in these photographs. My inner paper-nerd is completely turned on right now.
All I can say is, if the invitation is any indication as to how beautiful the wedding is going to be, I absolutely cannot wait to go!

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Blushing Bombshell said...

I'm so happy you love them! Xoxo!