Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sprucing Up For Spring

Spring has sprung people! 
Although these past few days have felt like we skipped straight to Summer, you won't hear this girl complain after that endless Winter we practically hibernated through. Last weekend was incredibly Spring-ish; with sunshine, wonderful temps, and although we had some storms Saturday, it was still gorgeous and felt like the perfect day for flower power! 
I have a confession: I absolutely ADORE flowers and could walk around a garden center for hours. I think it's because they're so colorful, and I'm attracted to bright and shiny things. Which also explains why I have the tendency to gravitate towards flower pots as well. All of those stunning glazes and patterns, I just can't get enough! This probably branches from my obsession with vases and jars.....anyhow, I swung by Marshalls after work Friday and picked up three brand new flower pots and couldn't wait to fill them up! 
Unfortunately my love of plants does not quite meet my knowledge on how to keep them alive, so we'll see how long these guys last. Until their demise though, I'm going to admire our hard work and the extra spunk they add to our front porch! 
The two pots flanking our front door are resting on tomato plant stands. I found this idea on the blog 4Men1Lady, and instantly knew that would be the perfect solution to had some height and variety. 
And we can't forget about our swing! My Sunday afternoon was spent rocking back and forth, Diet Coke in one had, and a book in the other. 
This was after I called my mom and wished her a happy Mother's Day of course - Love you Mom!
So with a little help from Mother Nature, we went from blah and boring...
To fresh and fabulous!
Now instead of our house creepily whispering "Hey, I don't really have much to say...btw there are still paint chips on my door from last summer." 

It now shouts "Come on in! Have some lemonade and freshly baked banana bread! I still have paint chips on my door but I'm beautiful so who cares!". 

Much better :)

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Emily said...

I am loving that red/pink/yellow pot and those pillows!