Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bathroom Makeover - Part 1

What is it about the change in season that makes us want to change everything around us too? Every Spring I find myself dreaming of brighter clothes, cuter shoes, shorter hair, and of course newly decorated rooms! I tend to just wonder around the house moving things here and there, swapping out art, rearranging pillows, staring at blank walls contemplating what to hang...anyone else to that too? 
With that "I need to decorate something!" itch needing scratched, it felt like the perfect time to tackle our upstairs bathroom! 
Prior to last weekend, this was the sight you were greeted with when you walked up our stairs. 
Overall, not that exciting. 
I've hung some art, added a couple accessories to the window, and changed the hardware to match the chrome faucet, but that was the extent to this bathroom's styling. 
(PS: That adorable whale print is by my super talented designer friend, Elyse Myers. Fun fact: her album cover design was featured in last night's season finale of Nashville! My friends are so cool.) 
To save some money, I decided to take advantage of the leftover Palladian Blue we used in our dinning room for the wall color. There was an entire gallon in our basement, and I really do love the color, so this worked out perfectly. 
Wall color? Check. 
Overall Theme????
My jumping point was inspired by the little fabric-sample art shown above, It's kind of small in the pic, so here's a closeup: 
The fabric is LADB-Peacock from U-Fab, and the sample they sent is the perfect size for an IKEA RIBBA frame. Fabric samples are usually only around $1, and most companies won't charge you shipping. Slap some coordinating swatches in a few frames for an inexpensive gallery wall! 
OK, back on topic. 
Once I knew the general direction I wanted to go, I needed a bit more inspiration......

I feel a MOOD BOARD coming on! 

And there you have it! My peacock meets coral-fusion bathroom style inspiration. Most of this was based on item's I either already had, or planned on purchasing. I'm not sure how Eric's going to take the coral....but I think I may just surprise him. 

Armed with a plan, I took everything out of the bathroom to begin taping off the trim and walls. Of course, no project is complete without a surprise or two; the gaping hole behind our mirror being the highlight of this one.
"Hmm what should we do now that we've taken out the medicine cabinet? Fix the hole?" 
"Naaah...let's just stick a giant mirror over it! That'll basically be like rebuilding the wall." 
Also discovered was the "colors of bathroom's past". I personally am glad we had the beige to stare at this past year, instead of that greenish-avocado combination.

You'll have to wait until "Part 2" to see the painting results, but I am super proud to say I did this room with very minimal help from Eric. All I needed him to do was take down the blinds and that was it! Girl power BAM! 

Something I will share is the mirror transformation! 
We had this great big mirror to use (yeah!) but the color just didn't fit my vision (boo!).
One sample-pot of paint later, and that puppy was purple! 
It took some effort to get the paint into all of those nooks and crannies, but a few coats later and it was looking just fabulous. 
That's all I have for today. Hopefully in the next week I'll be able to pull a few more details together and have a somewhat completed space to share! I'm waiting on some fabric for a curtain, and also in search for a new bath mat.

Anyone else starting a new project to change things up a bit? 

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