Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Package Design: Rivet & Sway

This is not a sponsored post for Rivet & Sway, all opinions are my own. 

Last week I came across the designer glasses brand Rivet & Sway. First off their logo is ADORABLE, cute little ampersand turned glasses, just perfect. Anyhow, they have this deal where you can have 5 different frames sent to your house for you to try, for 5 days, at absolutely no cost to you. I'm hoping to upgrade my own glasses this summer, and thought "why not!?". A few easy clicks on their site, a couple days later, and this little beauty arrived at my house. 
I opened up the box, excited to see the frames I'd picked out, but what I got was much MUCH more than just glasses. 

Just let your eyeballs gaze at that beautiful packaging! Gold foil details, watercolor graphics, clean lines, I hadn't even placed a single frame on my face yet and I was already sold. 
I'll just let you enjoy the pictures I IMMEDIATELY started snapping once I opened the lid. 
Seriously, it is going to KILL me to have to send this box back to Rivet & Sway. I may keep that little card with the gold foil geometric shapes, it would be perfect in a little frame somewhere.
Along with letting you test out 5 frames at home, they also have fit and styling advice as well as a blog you can follow on their website. 

Unfortunately none of the frames look totally fabulous on me, so I'll keep searching, but it was fun to try on some different styles and get an idea of what I want! 

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