Tuesday, May 20, 2014

If The Rug Fits...

So I have found myself in a bit of a dilemma. 
Last week I ordered two area rugs; one for the dinning room, and the other for our bedroom. The one for the bedroom isn't as great in real life as I hoped it would be, so it'll be returned, but the rug for the dining room arrived and looked just like the picture online. 

The only problem though is the size...
I thought the rug we had in there before was 5'x7'...but it must have been 6'x9' because when I put the new rug down, it just seemed small. It follows the "all chair legs must be on the rug" rule, but the 6'x9' size gave them a little more room to breath.
I really do love this rug though! They don't offer it in a bigger size, and I can't find another red rug that's larger and makes me as giddy with new-rug-joy when I look at it. I mean check out that bright ruby color and the oriental detailing! 
So is there a solution to my petite flooring mishap? 
I believe the answer lies in the purchase of another rug. Is this some sort of decorating version of "hair of the dog" type thing? I don't know, maybe, but after some research (and serious Pinterest browsing) I think layering a jute rug under the existing red one will give me the room I need and the look I crave. 
Here are a couple photos of inspiration:
The layering of the two rugs really give these rooms a sense of great texture. I also think the red will pop off our dark wood floors even more with the lighter jute background. Right now I'm debating between this one, or this one from Overstock.com. 
I plan on exchanging the bedroom rug for a large jute one, and then I'll hopefully be satisfied with our dining room situation. 

So what do you think? Do you agree the red rug too small for our table? Would you ever consider layering rugs to save on price but gain in size? 

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