Friday, May 30, 2014

Bathroom Makeover - Part 2 Reveal!

Happy weekend! 
I am super excited to share with you how our bathroom makeover turned out! I should say MY bathroom makeover...Eric didn't really have much input on this one.  
Click HERE to see Part 1 of this bathroom transformation.

Remember when everything looked like this? Kind of lame...very boring. 
Soooo much beige. 
To defeat the blah, I came up with this little mood board: 
Well check out what some fresh paint and new accessories can achieve! 
Mood board meets real life: 
The blue makes everything look so fresh! Like diving into a cool swimming pool on a scorching July afternoon. And how about that purple mirror!? Every morning this glorious purple vision greets me, makes getting up just a little less horrible. 
Who is the fairest of them all?
Another project I tackled for this bathroom was to make a mini curtain for the window. This adorable guy was just one yard of fabric, some no-sew tape to hem everything up, and two tension rods. I simply measured how big I wanted my final curtain to be, added some extra on the sides for a hem, and created a loop for the rods at the top and bottom. 
Status? Super tickled with myself :) 
Lastly, to pop that coral out of the curtains I brought in a new bath mat. Our old one was looking pretty sad, and this one from World Market is just so fabulous! 
The grey shower curtain was a nice little find at Marshalls, and it was about time for some new bath towels. Mine were from college and feeling pretty scratchy.  
All and all, I am EXTREMELY stoked about my peacock-meets-coral-fusion bathroom. The pattern in the curtain is tribal but playful, and the bathmat just pops off the floor with happiness. 
Nothing like a totally pulled together room to get the weekend started! Now let's see how long it stays this pulled together. 

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