Monday, April 28, 2014

Kitchen Curtains = DONE!

Happy Monday! This weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS! I hope you were able to get outside at some point and soak up some rays from that wonderful sunshine. 
My weekend was quite eventful. Friday night was prom at Eric's high school, and since he was in charge of the after-prom I got to help chaperon! The whole thing was a huge success and the students had a great time. Of course that meant we didn't get to bed until 5am Saturday morning...yeah, bit rough. 
Saturday I headed to Muncie and hung out with my sister Angie. I also was able to meet up with a great friend of mine and spent hours catching up, it was awesome. That night Angie and I stayed up just talking, and before we knew it, 3am rolled around making it the second night in a row I was up WAY later than I ever am. 
Needless to say I was a bit sluggish this morning. 

OK, enough about how I'm slowly turning into an old lady who can't miss her bedtime. 
I got back to Cincy early Sunday, and rounded up Eric to help me finish these dang curtains! 
This has been the scene in our dinning room for way too long. Two hours later and our kitchen no longer looked like this...
It looked like this! 
It's all about the accessories people. 
I am just tickled with how these turned out! The pop of orange is just what that wall needed to break up the white. 
It did take some trial and error to get them perfect, but once the first one was complete, the second one went super quick. The fabric we chose is from if anyone is wondering. 
On another note, I can now add "can sew a straight line" to my crafty resume. 
Finally, a little throw-back to what our kitchen originally looked like. 
Transformation Tuesday  Monday!
Did you get any major projects done this weekend? It would have been a perfect time to start crossing things off that backyard to-do list. 

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Shelly said...

Love them! That color did a dramatic change! I know I need this in part of my kitchen and in my living room. Maybe you have motivated me to try something! It really looks awesome!