Wednesday, December 18, 2013

D.I.Y.'ing it Through the Holidays

Can you even believe it? 

I feel like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving, and now it's already time to head back home once again for the holidays. I've been listening to Christmas music, adoring all the twinkling lights, and feeling extra spirited this year for some reason. Maybe it's because we're all getting older, but what I'm looking forward to the most this year is the people. Getting to visit with a special lady who now lives in Texas, and a beautiful couple coming in from Delaware (you know who you are!) just makes me giddy, and a permanent smile has been glued to my face all week. 

All three of my sisters are going to be in town for Christmas as well! Hanging out with them is something else I've been craving. Words don't even describe how much watching goofy home videos or just sitting around and talking with them means to me. 

But before all of the crazy traveling and parties begin, there are gifts to be wrapped!
This year I decided to make my own wrappings out of builders paper. We found our as Menards, so for around $11 we got 140 feet of paper! Sound the super savings alarm! Not only will this stuff last us through the holidays and then some, it's perfect to lay on the floor as a drop cloth while painting walls. 
Before wrapping the gifts up, I drew a funky pattern on the paper to make them a bit prettier. This was my absolute favorite part of this project! The variation of patterns you could come up with are endless. Depending on what the occasion is, you could customized each one with different designs. Or even just write the special someones name really big on it. Glue sequins, color a picture, write a love letter, any idea is perfect.
The tags are from a few leftover Christmas designs I did at work. I just printed them on paper, cut each one out with a circle paper punch, another quick punch at the top for the ribbon to go through, and done.
 I also grabbed some cotton string, and a few random spools of ribbon that were at Walmart for $1. They don't have a lot of ribbon on each one, but for a buck, they're totally worth it. 
Hopefully everyone enjoys their presents as much as I enjoyed wrapping them! 

I personally adore getting hand-made presents, it says "You are special enough to me that I took the time out of my insane life to make this for you!!!!!"  
If that isn't Christmas love, I don't know what is.

Anyone else trying to save some holiday green and DIY'ing their projects or gifts this year? 

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