Thursday, January 2, 2014

Porcelaine Painted Plates

Can you believe the Christmas season has already come and gone? It all seemed to go by too fast, and before you know it, it's back to your old routine. 
As I mentioned in this post, I wanted to try and make more gifts to give to my loved ones this Christmas. So when I needed an idea for my two very best girl friends, I knew this project would be a hit. 

Porcelaine pens are a great way to spruce up old dishes you already have, or in my case to make a special gift for someone! I found my set online at

I simply wrote my message directly onto the plate, let dry for about a day, then followed the instructions on the pens to bake the plates so the paint would set. 
I was thrilled with how these turned out. Of course now I have this itch to paint and decorate all the dishes in my kitchen :) 

Any one else whip up something special to give to their friends or family this year?

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Jacqueline Penn said...

I'm sad I just saw this post. I'm definitely going to do this next year! So a great idea :).