Monday, December 9, 2013

Kitchen Reveal and Dancing Princesses

Did everyone survive the snow storm Friday? 
We were a bit buried by the end of the night, so it was good we didn't have any plans. 
We DID have a short little list of "must-get-done" items for the weekend though, one being to get those last few cabinets painted! 
Eric didn't have school Friday, so he had the whole day to himself. When I got home from work that day, he was so excited to show me this little cabinet painting system he rigged up in our basement. 
How awesome is this?! He hung the last few doors up with clothes hangers so he could paint both sides at the same time. Making sure to go with thin coats so there wasn't any dripping, they turned out perfect. 

So the moment you've all (OK maybe just me) been waiting for...
So fresh and inviting! Such a big difference from when we started. 
I'll have to keep you posted as to how tough they are to keep clean, I'm sure it'll be nothing a magic eraser can't handle every once in a while. Every time I walk into our kitchen I just smile, this was the biggest project we've done to the house so far, and the results make it all SO worth it! 
The rest of the weekend was filled with a bit more house organizing, Christmas decorating, and  I finally updated my chalk-board window for the holiday season. 

Saturday was also the night of the Bella Forza Fittness Pole and Arial Showcase! 
This was the second showcase I've performed in, and this year my whole family was able to come and watch! Even my Grandma H.! It was an absolute rush being able to perform with my BFF friends, and show off what our hard work and dedication is all for! Everyone did an stunning job and I am just so proud of all of us! 

I am so proud of this group! You can check out the rest of the performances from Saturday night on the Bella Forza Fitness Facebook page! 

Hope everyone else had a great weekend, just a few more until Christmas!!! 

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