Monday, November 11, 2013

Bar-Stool Makeover & A New Kitchen Color

Another weekend in the bag! 
Eric and I were able to cross a handful of things off of our to-do list these past couple days, and it feels GREAT! There was painting, upholstering, decorating, and of course more painting. 

One of my goals was to hang this banner I found on Pinterest (you can download it HERE). I printed the PDF on card stock, cut out each letter, hole punched, and strung them up with some orange twine I had. Nothing fancy by any means, but it makes me smile and feel a little bit more thankful this season. 

Another project I've been itching to do is recover our current bar-stools with more attractive fabric. Overall it was a pretty basic process. I just took the stools apart and unscrewed the seats from the base. After cutting out the new fabric so it would wrap around the seat completely it was a matter of stapling, stapling, and more stapling. 
So much better!!!
 I've been hanging onto this fabric for ages after finding it in the remnant sale bin at Hobby Lobby. Seriously, that is the best place to look for bits of fabric that can be used for random crafts. Such a bargain! 
Proof that the right outfit fabric can be the difference between drab and fab! 

And if you're paying attention you've noticed that our kitchen is no longer cream, it's now a beautiful seaside blue! 

The color is actually called Kensington Green by Benjamin Moore, even though it's not even close to green. 
I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. I think the texture on the walls isn't as noticeable  and the tin back-splash that was there when we moved in looks better than ever. Big shout out to my sister Janel who was bored last Sunday, and just decided to drive down to Cincy for the day. She helped  get the second coat on, and also another coat on the cabinet doors.
She's the man :) 
Eric is guesstimating that we can get the last few coats of paint on the doors early this week, and maybe have them hung Thursday! So here's to wishful thinking and hopes to actually showing you guys pictures that don't display everything we own. On the plus side, if you ever visit us you'll know where to get a glass or dish if you would need one! 
Anyone else get any major projects done this weekend? 

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Michaela said...

I think I was with you when you found that fabric! Looking great!