Wednesday, October 30, 2013

From Wood to WHITE!

Good morning everyone! 
Can you all believe today is the 30th and tomorrow is HALLOWEEN!? October is GONE, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are a knockin' on the door. It really hit me when I was talking to my parents, and when asked the next time we would be home our response was "well I guess Thanksgiving..." Dang! Fall is just whizzing on by. 
We've been super busy this month, gone almost every weekend for parties, little trips, or other obligations. All fun things I assure you, but it definitely is the reason why I feel like I've blinked and this month is already over. 
Since we've been gone a lot, our home projects have kind of been put on hold. We've discovered that after working all day, the last thing we want to do when we get home is start painting something. Weekends are our main days to tackle projects, so hopefully November will let us get a few more things off of our "to-do" list. 

One thing we have gotten done is  painting our cabinets! 
Remember when I posted this picture in our Wellman Weekend Warriors post? 
My mother and sister-in-law were troopers, taking down all of the doors and sanding them. 
Our next step was getting everything out of the kitchen. 
It seemed like I had just finished unpacking and putting everything in those cabinets, and here we go taking everything out and putting in the dinning room. 
Having to walk in here a million times while making dinner was SUPER FUN, I tell you what... 
Anywhoo....after a few coats of Sherwin Williams Simply White (with some sanding in between) we were in business. 
What a difference! As soon as we put the first coat on, Eric stepped back and was like, "we need to paint these walls ASAP" and I agree. The white cabinets and the cream walls are just way to washed out together. 
So now we're all taped up and ready to paint! These walls are textured, and after a few suggestions from friends (THANKS!) we purchased extra thick/fluffy rollers which should help the paint cover better.
I would love to say that we're ready to call our kitchen cabinet project done....but the doors and drawers are still out in the rec-room. I've only finished one coat (and 4 doors still need that) but don't fret cabinets! You won't be hanging naked for much longer! 
Lastly a little before and after, because that's just too much fun :D
The white is just so fresh! I am giddy just thinking about what the final kitchen reveal will look like. 
Stay tuned! 

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