Thursday, December 5, 2013

Decking Our Halls

I am a firm believer that Christmas does NOT start until AFTER Thanksgiving. No music is played, and not a single decoration is put up until the turkey has been devoured. I just feel so bad for Thanksgiving when everyone else has already  moved on to the next holiday without giving it a passing glance. It's such a fantastic day filled with love from family, tons of food, and the true joy of the Fall season. 

But! With that being said...
This year I was tremendously excited (as soon as it was acceptable of course) to get started  putting up our decorations. We have a WHOLE HOUSE to fill with holiday joy! 

During the "Must decorate all the rooms!" process, I did come to a few realizations:
1) Old houses do not have NEARLY enough electrical outlets to fulfill my twinkle-light visions.
2) It's not as much fun to decorate rooms that still have boxes strewn randomly inside them.
3) Why didn't the people who built the house 109 years ago think to put electricity outside! Geez.
4) We're going to need a LOT more decorations. 

So even though I could have done with about 10 more outlets, I still had an absolute blast putting up our decor. It has plenty of room to grow over the years, that's for sure!

The first thing I did was put together my new wreath I got at JoAnn Fabrcs. All of the pieces were 60% off, and I just kinda of placed the gold where I thought looked nice then tied it down with some floral wire. 
Of course we had to put up our nativity scene, complete with festive balls. 
Swapped out the mini pumpkins and leaves for some super sparkly ornaments! 
Eric finished putting up our new TV last night just so I could decorate our mantel. And can I add how adorable our little fire looks under the stockings!!!! Picture perfect :)
And last, but of course not least, we finally decorated our tree! 
Yes we have two TVs in our living room right now. 

While all of this holiday cheer was going on inside, this is what was happening outside.
But this is just as exciting because that was the LAST COAT OF PAINT!!!! We even were able to bring in the drawers and get those back in the kitchen. 

So what is tonight's goal?
You bet I went there! 

Anyone else deck out their home with some serious holiday cheer? Seeing every one's lights and decor is one of my favorite things to do this time of year. 
Let the Christmas season BEGIN! 

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