Monday, March 4, 2013

Design for Cheap! Pantone and Jonathan Adler at JCPenney

Exciting news of the day!!!! 
I was browsing on the blog How About Orange (one of my absolute favorites by the way) and they have a post about the Pantone and Jonathan Adler lines at JCPenneys. Both of which I had NO idea even existed! 
Color this girl ecstatic. 

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How great is this! I absolutely am obsessed with anything Pantone, and being able to get Jonathan Adler at a price that won't wipe out my wallet is making me extremely giddy :) 

bath towels in Hot Pink, pillow in Tangerine Tango, and bed heets in Orchid Bloom from JCP

And HELLOOOO JONATHAN ADLER! A man as adorable as his designs, these super chic pieces will be in my home I guarantee it! Bright patterns, funky shapes, beautiful lines, everything you need for a fantastically pulled together space. 

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Happy Chic bedding by Jonathan Adler 
How absolutely adorable is this bedding!!! If I had a little girl I would buy this for her in a heart beat!  I will be so unbelievably disappointed if this doesn't come to our local JCPenneys. 

So there you go! Fantastic design by two of the best brands out there in your local store at affordable prices! Hope this made your day as much as it made mine :)  

JCPenney did not ask me to say any of this nor is any part of this blog. These are all my opinions and mine only. 

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