Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Recap: Jungle Jims

Have you guys ever been to Jungle Jims? It is AWESOME!!!! 
Think international grocery store on steroids. You can get food from any part of the world here. Tons of different types of cheese, meats, spices, seafood, fruits, vegetables, anything you can think of. 

Me, Eric, his brother, and his brother's girlfriend all went there this Saturday. We only got a few things but I took a bunch of pictures to share. If you're ever in Cincinnati and looking for something a little different to do I definitely recommend stopping by. 

Wine, wine, and more wine! There were some bottles that were over $500!! 
Cheese shaped like animals. 
Beautiful vegetables in every color 
Coconuts and papayas 

The Cereal Bowl Band! 
Pepino Melons from Equador
Kitchen Market
Live bass in the fish market
Like I said, some seriously cool stuff! We bought some fresh pita bread, Servatti's pretzels, chocolate and raspberry jam, peach salsa, and some wine. Just thinking about it is making me want to stop typing and get some snacks! 

Hopefully everyone else had a great weekend too! 

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