Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap: Noblesville, Indiana

So this weekend Eric and I took a little vacation to Noblesville, IN to visit our friend Dave and his girlfriend Sara. It was nice to get a way for a little bit, and even nicer to see these two crazy people! Dave and Eric are true bromance partners..never a dull moment. 

Friday night we went to Detour in Carmel, IN for dinner and met up with my good friend Elyse. It was SO good to catch up with her. She is getting married this summer and I get to play bridesmaid! I'm so excited :) 

Saturday we went back to Carmel to Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream for lunch and that is where Eric tackled The Big Ugly. It's a 2lb burger that if you finish you get your picture on the wall. The more burgers you finish the bigger your picture will be. The record right now is four burgers. FOUR! I can't even imagine. Eric stuck with just one, he did mention that he is going for two next time. 

I'm so proud :) 
The rest of the day we toured Fountain Square and went duck pin bowling. The bowling alley is a 50's theme with jukebox and vintage Coca-Cola signs everywhere. It really was a fun experience! You don't wear bowling shoes, the lanes are shorter, the bowling balls have no finger holes, and are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. You just kinda step up and whip it towards the mini pins that fall down, and then get pulled back up again by strings! It's a hoot. 

I love old buildings. Can't get enough. 
Sunday was pretty low key, we did go ice skating though! 

All and all, very fun weekend with some very fun people. Can't wait to go back! 

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