Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Skinny Valentine Day Treats!

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! Like most ladies out there, I always associate this day with lots of chocolate and treats. But if you're trying to watch your weight and what you eat, inhaling a bag of Hershey kisses isn't likely to be a good decision. 
So I've found a bunch of healthy Valentines desserts that you can make and not feel guilty about afterwards! Some of these I've tried, and others just look delicious. 
Hope you enjoy! 

Super Moist Low Fat Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Glaze
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These cupcakes are super easy to make and even though the picture is for Halloween, trade in the orange for red and maybe throw a few heart shaped sprinkles on top! 

3 pts+ per cupcake  -  Get the recipe HERE

Skinny Oreo Truffles
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by swapping out your regular Oreos for Nabisco 100-calorie Oreo Crisps you save yourself a lot of calories without giving up the taste! 

1 pts+ per truffle   -  Get the Recipe HERE

WW Cheesecake Squares
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I made these a while back and they turned out pretty good! I think I needed to bake my a little but longer...but all in all a good treat. 

5 pts+ per bar  -  get the recipe HERE

Black Bean Brownies
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I know what you're thinking, "Black beans?? Are you serious?" and yes I am! I have seen countless recipes that are chocolate based but have black beans in them. Be brave and give it a try! 

4 pts+ per brownie  -  Get the recipe HERE

Skinny No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie 
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If you know me at all, you know I absolutely LOVE peanut butter!!! Add a bit of chocolate to that and you've made a friend for life :) This recipe is SUPER easy and very yummy. 

5 pts+ for 1/10 of pie  -  Get the recipe HERE 

Yoplait Frozen Yogurt Treats
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I just discovered these the past weekend and OMG am I pumped. I had the black cherry frozen yogurt and it was fantastic. I love yogurt, and the entire pint was 9 points+. For a pint of basically ice cream that is fantastic. I highly suggest trying them this Valentines Day! Just check your freezer section at your local grocery store. 

So I hope you found some skinny dessert inspiration for your honey tomorrow! 
Love you lots and Happy Valentines Day!! 

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