Friday, August 17, 2012

There's No Place Like Home...My New Crib!

I am so so sooo excited for this weekend! Do you know why? Because I get to move into my new apartment that my future husband and I will call our first home! 
Everything I think about it I just get so happy. 
I really love our apartment. It has wooden floors, high ceilings, some pretty cool lighting, an old fireplace, and all that old home charm. I already have a TON of ideas on how to decorate it, but of course that will take time and hopefully we have room to decorate after we combine all of our belongings together. Not to mention all of the bridal shower and wedding presents we have to take into consideration. But not to worry, everything will fall into place. As of now we only have a couch, table, some chairs, and my dresser as furniture so that will also have to grow over time. It doesn't matter though because its MY place!!! Even that I do have to share it with Eric, I have never lived somewhere that didn't have 3 or 4 other roommates to think about. Done with the days of cleaning messes that aren't mine, changing TP rolls because the last person used it all up and didn't think to put a new one on, having to search to try and find a space to cram my apples into the fridge because its PACKED with every one's food, or a giant case of beer. UGGG I hate that. 

But enough babbling and onto the pictures! These are from my phone, and the bare bones of the apartment. I can't wait to keep showing its progress as it transforms from this plain space into something completely our own. 

Hope you like them! Any decorating suggestions are also welcome :) 

 Living room! 

 Another view of the living room

Kind of oddly small room off of the living room. I'm thinking reading/music nook, but Eric wants his weight bench in there. I'm also toying with the idea of installing a pole ;) 

 Dining room with these cool double doors that are off to the side in the picture


Hallway leading to master bedroom and bathroom

Our bedroom (don't mind the boxes) 

And our petite bathroom

So there's the tour! Like I said if you have any decorating ideas I'd love to hear them! Also please feel free to stop by and visit us anytime you want! 


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Shelly said...

How fun! Enjoying the blogs!