Monday, July 30, 2012

London Baby! Summer Olympics 2012

Like so many this past weekend, I spend a decent amount of time watching the beginning of the Olympic Games in London! I did miss most of the opening ceremony, but was able to catch Paul McCartney singing The End and Hey Jude   and that pretty much made my night. 

What I want to talk about though is this year's Olympic logo. 
This logo was a topic of discussion, along with a lot of mockery at the design conference I went to last month, and it is interesting to look at how its been executed during the games. 

I for one am not entirely impressed by it. How exactly does it reference what the Olympics stand for besides having the iconic rings and "London" placed inside the abstract shapes? 

I guess its cool how they are making it a "window" and displaying it in different colors and with interchangeable images...but that's about its only interesting feature. 

And then other people have stronger opinions. HA! 

So enough hating on the logo. Here is a link to a site I found featuring all of the summer Olympic posters dating back from Athens1896 leading to London 2012. 

From this...

To this!! 

I'll end this post with a congratulations to whoever did design the Olympic logo, because it is now being seen by almost everyone in the world. And a huge GOOD LUCK to all of our Olympic athletes! 

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