Monday, August 20, 2012

New Apartment (Part 2)

** This is for you Eric so you can see what I'm doing while you're away!**

The move went well!! I can't believe how much stuff I have. I would think "ok this is it" and then I'd notice 3 more boxes that I missed or forgot that we still had to get everything from my old place in Cincy. I now dread having to do this when we have kids. But eventually it all made it up the stairs and through the skinny kitchen! Even the super heavy sofa that the guys had to pretty much take apart and carry up in pieces (thanks again Dean for helping!).

Eric ended up staying over that night and thank goodness he did otherwise I think I would've just looked around at everything and started crying. We were up forever cleaning all our new things and putting them away in the kitchen, organizing the bedroom, sorting boxes and figuring out where everything ended up. It was a lot of work, and we were both exhausted that night.

Today was proclaimed "organize all the things!" day. I hit up 3 of my favorite stores: The Container Store, IKEA, and Target and brought home enough storage solutions to fill an entire Pinterest board. It was wonderful.

So after two days of intense organizing here is what I have to show!

Mostly put together kitchen. I'm thinking of painting it a nice chocolate brown.

Haphazard bedroom, notice no sheets on the bed yet ha didn't have any queen size. I'm thinking grey walls in here, and paint our dressers white. I also have an old window I want to use as our headboard! 

The one and only picture I hung

This closet is my price and joy. I probably worked on it for almost an hour getting everything organized and in its place. Thank you Container Store. 

So far so good, if I do say so myself. Eventually I would like to paint all the walls, and we need to get a bookcase or something for the living room. I keep looking at the rooms that are almost complete....and not so much the two that still look like this: 

Oh well, work in progress! 

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