Monday, September 14, 2015

A Lamp Overhaul That's Elefun

Hello all! 
I know I promised the next time I'd write it would be about a finished bathroom, but installing the light fixture hasn't been as smooth a process as one would hope. Fingers crossed it'll get done this weekend. 

Speaking of lights though, I WAS able to finish a lamp revamp I've been meaning to do for EVER. Nothing mind blowing, but yet another example of how paint can pretty much take anything from Snoozeville to CutieTown in basically a day. 

A while back, like so while back I really don't remember, I picked up these two lamps at the thrift store. The tall one reminded me of a pineapple, and the elephant was just too cute and whimsical to pass up. Every time I looked at Mr. Elephant, all I could think about was him in a bright in-your-face color.
So let's get started! First some pre-paint wrapping to protect the cord and harp, and we were in business. 
After three-ish coats of spray paint, with drying time in between, this little elephant was now red, rad, and ready to party.
Top it off with a new lampshade, and we are done! 
I think he likes his new home. :)
Like I said, nothing crazy complicated, but in the end I got a one-of-a-kind new lamp for a fraction of the cost!
Slowly but surely our entryway is coming along. Having a table here to throw a few things onto when we come home has been  nice. I always thought this space felt a little bare and the addition of a light source, as well as a landing pad, has truly helped pull it all together. 
BIG improvement from when we first moved in. 
Before and After pics make me so happy. Nothing helps confirm just how far you've come, than looking back to where you started. Hopefully I'll have B&A's of the bathroom next. Goals for the weekend are going to be ALL about getting that light up!

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