Thursday, July 9, 2015

Whazzup!?....The Ceiling.

I'd first like to cyber hug everyone who read my last post about getting in shape, and thank you for all the incredibly kind words and support. You sure know how to make a girl feel special. It made me realize how truly blessed I am to have such positive forces in my life, and I hope someday to reciprocate that love. 
Again, thank you. 

So! We have FINALLY done something to the house! Summer is almost halfway through, but it also feels like it's JUST starting. How is this possible? But in these past few weeks, Eric has been crushing it during his time off. 

Side note; have you heard this song? Hilarious video, Brad is the best, and apparently quite the animator. 

Anywhoo, one of the items on our giant Summer to-do is to give the ceilings a fresh coat of paint. Things were looking a bit dingy, and a few of the rooms had more of an ivory color than white. So up the ladder Eric went with his handy dandy brush, and nifty covered roller so no paint would drip. 
One of the areas where you could tell the biggest difference was the dining room. Once a tired beige, is now crisp white!
So much better from when we first moved in. 
I think we can safely say that all the painting has been officially completed in this room. 
Heading upstairs, the ceiling in the hallway was still that depressing brown that covered the walls and doors. We painted said walls and doors real quick, but the ceiling color still lingered. 
Isn't that refreshing!? It really brightens up the space, and gives it a nice modern look. 
Next on my list? Get rid of that dang boob light.
Things are really picking up, I just hope we can keep the momentum going. 

And even though I don't feel like we've accomplished much with our house lately, Austin delivered this note to us, and obviously feels much differently. 
Apparently we deserve an award! 
Well played little man, well played :) 

Now on to the next task! If anyone has experience laying backyard pavers, or building a pergola we'd love to hear from you. Also any other teachers bored during Summer vaca, come on over to Camp Wellman for a few days, we'll keep you plenty busy. 

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