Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mini-Awkward-Bathroom Makeover

Off of our kitchen there is a door. 
When touring our home for the first time, most people exclaim "this must be the pantry!" only to be surprised when they find a bathroom...with a shower. 

Yup, we have a shower 5 feet away from the oven. 

If you're already super turned off by the idea of a naked body in such close proximity to food, then I won't mention that this bathroom doesn't have a sink. 

That's right, we have a toilet and a shower...but no sink. So if you're visiting, and feel the urge to bath while eating dinner, we've gotcha covered! 

We do have full intentions to remove the shower and replace it with a vanity, but that's probably not going to happen in the near future. Until then, this teeny tiny wash closet (literally, it's a closet) will have to settle for a face-lift. 

OK, game plan! 
Eric is gone all week, and my goal is to finish before he gets back. Not because I want to surprise him, more so because the plan I have may not be exactly what he had in mind. My strategy = ask for forgiveness, not permission. 

I don't know about you, but I've seriously been crushing on black bathrooms. Black? Yes black. These moody rooms have been stealing my heart, and our bathroom actually gets a lot of sunlight, so I think the dark paint color will work without feeling too goth.
Source / Source 
The contrast between the white and dark is so dramatic. Gah! I love it! 

Below is what I have to work with.
Not a whole lot of room to do your business, and yet another boob light to replace. 
The trim will need to be painted white, and then of course the walls black. I'm also toying with the idea to make the wall behind the toilet an accent wall. I've been obsessing hard-core with these hand drawn patterns that replicate wallpaper.
Source / Source 
I'm fairly confident I could pull this off with a few hours, and half-a-dozen paint pens.
Below is what I'm envisioning: gold accessories, a new light fixture, dark paint, some plant life, and a bitch'n focal wall to really make it unique.

See! Beautiful.
Eric's going to come home, open the door, and BAM! Get smacked square in the face with a bathroom bursting with style.

It's gonna be great.

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