Friday, November 14, 2014

SIOS - Chambray My Way

Playing some Strong is Our Sexy catch up before the weekend! Check out my article about how you can dress that wardrobe staple; the chambray shirt

Fall is here, people!
The beautiful trees with now amber leaves are a sure sign that it is, in fact, autumn. This time of the year is hands down my favorite. Nothing beats holding a warm beverage in your hand, crunching leaves under your boots, keeping cozy with a big scarf—safe from the crisp air—while picking out the perfect pumpkin (and hoping that said pumpkin doesn't get smashed in the street by the annoying group of boys who live on your block).
OK, so the pumpkin-smashing isn't so great, but there really is something special about the change of season, and the perfect balance it brings between a blistering summer and frigid winter.
The fashion that follows is also a reason why I am such a fall fanatic. Give me riding boots, chunky sweaters, and a color pallet that matches those gorgeous leaves I mentioned. One piece that I think should be in everyone’s fall fashion collection is the chambray shirt. This shirt is so versatile; it can go from casual to professional with just a few swapped accessories, and is great for layering on days that start out chilly, but end a little warmer.

To give you some inspiration, I've created a little fashion show to demonstrate how you can wear this classic piece all season long. 

(Please excuse my awkward poses. A propped up iPhone just doesn't give you the direction you need to be a successful model...psssh!) 

For more ideas, visit STRONG IS OUR SEXY
For more ideas, visit STRONG IS OUR SEXY, and read the whole article HERE

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