Thursday, August 21, 2014

As Seen On Craigslist - Cobalt Blue Chaise Lounge

Last month I brought to your attention THIS incredibly pink and glorious sofa I found on Craigslist. Even though deep down I knew there was no way it was ever going to make it into my home, I created a mood board anyhow to show how I would style it.  
That little project was extremely satisfying; taking one fantastic piece and designing a whole room around it. The fact that said piece was a Craigslist score made it even more satisfying, since we are ALL about saving some dough around here. 

So when I happened upon ANOTHER incredible find, I didn't think twice about creating a mood board to show how this new piece inspired me! 
This month's "As Seen on Craigslist" find is a tufted velvet chaise lounge, being sold for $200. 
Cobalt blue is such an incredible color. Cool, classic, and can easily compliment any neutrals you may have or bring that pop of color your space has been craving. 
Just take a gander at these next few photos to see how much personality a blue chair could bring into your life. 
source / source / source / source 
Is cobalt blue your favorite color yet? I know it's creeping into my top 5 list. 
Here is my take on a bright blue chaise lounge! 
rug / accent chair / end table / floor lamp / light (this is such a great price, I would buy it and paint it gold) / curtains

I'm not even sure I could pin-point what my favorite part of this room is. Of course the chaise is bold and beautiful, but isn't that rug just to die for? Traditional style meets a combo of fuchsia and purple. And don't even get me started on how perfect that leopard accent chair is. Subtle pattern, yet so full attitude and spunk you just can't ignore it. 
Just envision yourself sprawled out on that chaise, diet coke in hand, relaxing in the shade of your perfectly healthy (because you're amazing and don't kill plants like me) fiddle-leaf fig tree......paradise! 

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Stephanie said...

Just found your blog - am local to West Chester and now I feel like I MUST HAVE this chaise! Thanks..?! :)