Monday, March 10, 2014

The Book Loft - German Village

This weekend Eric and I trucked up to Columbus to visit our friends, Jason and Jared. It was so good to spend time with these guys, we don't get to see them enough. They took us to one of their favorite bars, The World of Beer, where they have over 500 craft beers you can try. Needless to say the guys had a great time, I even tried a couple of beer-cocktails that were especially yummy. 
We also went to the Ball State gymnastics meet against OSU on Saturday to watch my sister Angie. She is a senior this year *shakes head in disbelief* and her last home meet in Muncie is this Friday at 7pm. If you're in the area you should go and cheer on the Cardinals! 

On Sunday, the weather was so nice Jason took us on a little walking tour of German Village. He brought us to The Book Loft, a bookstore with 32 rooms just bursting with bargain books. 
I was in love before we even made it to the front door. 
This place is a MAZE. Room after room crammed with shelves, packed with books of every variety you could imagine. Each room has a theme to keep you're interest organized, but even then it seems like you're just wondering around a magical cross between Belle's library and Pan's labyrinth. 
I wanted desperately to bring this beauty home with me. 
Don't bookshelves make stunning black and whites? 
If I had my way, we would have walked out of there with our bags heavy and our wallets light. 
So to all you fellow book lovers, if you ever find yourself in German Village be sure to sneak into this gem, you will NOT be disappointed. 

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