Monday, February 24, 2014

Trim Transformation - Living Room

You can always tell whenever I get super productive, because I actually am consistent with my blog posts. For the first time in about a month and a half, Eric and I actually had a weekend where we could work on the house. Not that we don't love it when friends are here, or when we're out of town, but it's always nice to just be home. 
Our next big project to tackle is painting all of the trim throughout the house white. At the moment about 70% of the trim is white, 20% is painted brown, and 10% is a wood finish. The mismatched look isn't really doing anything for me, and makes the house look choppy. 
First up, the living room! 
This room has wood trim around the two doors and floor, but not the windows. So we can be grateful for that. First Eric gave everything a light sanding with a sanders block, nothing insane, just enough to help the primer stick. Next we cleaned everything to get rid of any dust, and then taped off the walls. After consulting our go-to painting mistress (thanks Brit!) we decided that priming the wood before painting would give us the best results. 
No turning back now! Lucky for us, our carpet is...well...kinda crappy. It easily came up around the trim so we didn't have to worry about accidentally getting paint on it. 
After a few coats of Simply White by Benjamin Moore, and some touch ups after the tape came off, we were in white trim heaven! 
A wonderful surprise that came from this trim transformation is how much better our entertainment center looks! Before when the dark tones around the fireplace were competing with the lighter wood of the trim it was just "meh". But now with the deep wood being the center of attention the contrast is perfect! 
I laid on the floor and just stared at it with this goofy grin on my face :)

You also may have noticed in one of the pictures above, a little beauty of a chair peeking out from the corner. That my friend, is Beth's incredible orange accent chair! 
Round 1 of our furniture was delivered this weekend! I can't even explain how ecstatic I am about the way this chair turned out. When we picked out our furniture back in January (more on that in THIS POST), we had to use a lot of imagination to envision the pieces with the fabric choices. So even though I loved everything in the store, there was this little part of me that was a itty-bit nervous about the final product. 
As soon as the movers set it on the floor, all of my doubts immediately evaporated. I believe "freaking sweet!" were my exact words...I can get pretty poetic when exited. 
Eric was pretty pumped about his man chair too. Unfortunately these were delivered right before we started painting, so we had to cover them almost as soon as they were set up. 
Eric: "Beth, my chair doesn't really need pillows does it?" 
Beth: "Of course it does silly!" 
Now I just need a little poof to sit in front so I can prop my feet up while reading a book and sipping hot chocolate. 
As of now all of the painting in the living room is complete! We still want to get new carpet, and I'd like to hang some curtains, but this space has come a long way from when it originally looked like this:
This picture was taken just a little over 6 months ago, so I'd say we've made good progress for living here half a year already! 

Anyone else get to cross off a few things from their to-do list this weekend? 
Saturday's weather was absolutely PERFECT! It gave me spring-tinted glasses though, because my "no coat required" thought process lead into Sunday, which brought a bit of a snow flurry and left me shivering and aggravated.
Oh well, we'll get to Spring someday....I hope.

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